Halo needs a hat

In my continuing efforts to make Bobby and Halo more fabulous, I’ve been fighting the bonnet battle for a while. When I first met Bobby he pretty much refused to put anything extra on Halo, saying that “he doesn’t like having stuff on him!”. So he went boot-less, and breastplate-less, and obviously bonnet-less.


Now that he’s past his 6 year reign of Beginner Novice and going around solidly at Training, we’ve spruced him up a bit. Everyone remembers the custom saddle of course, and the real leather bridle. He’s also got a full set of both XC boots and stadium boots now, and Trainer basically forced him to buy a breastplate. He’s so much more legit. Yet he has still staunchly refused to come around to the magic of a bonnet.

Bobby is out of town right now, and he left me with the task of working Halo while he’s gone. Yesterday as I was tacking him up I noticed that he was just swarming with flies despite being doused in fly spray, so naturally I thought “I’M GONNA PUT A BONNET ON HIM! BOBBY ISN’T HERE TO STOP ME!!!” <insert much cackling>. So I did. And you know what? Not only was he cute as hell, he had zero flies or gnats bothering his precious (giant) ears.

I immediately sent pictures to Bobby, who admitted Halo looks damn adorable in a hat. Once again I’m right. Halo needs one. Everyone tell Bobby that Halo needs one!


Just one with like 2″ longer ears than Henry’s bonnets have. Halo’s big ol’ donks were testing the limits of spandex.

His colors are black and red, so I was thinking either black with two rows of red cord (stealth mode bonnet) or black with red trim and white cord (bling bling bonnet). Obviously no rhinestones or beads, because while I have succeeded in making Bobby hella fabulous compared to the sad state I originally found him in, there are limits to my magic. I’m not a freaking miracle worker.

Peer pressure, people, let’s do it! Halo needs his own hat!

52 thoughts on “Halo needs a hat

  1. I vote for black bonnet with two rows of red cord with black beads (the super subtle ones) between the red. I was a bonnet hold out until the bugs were horrific and Stinker was shaking his head constantly. Now I want all bonnets!!!


      1. I dunno. I’m really liking the idea of a black bonnet with red trim and a line of black beads. Maybe if you tell Bobby that black beads are like little bits of satan, so it’s like you’d be out there with him for every ride… ? Wait. Maybe that wouldn’t help at all…


    1. His poor donkey ears… how will he be able to use them as sonar when he cross culverts if they’re covered?


  2. this is just crazy. Does Bobby like to stand in the sun with out a hat, no. Does Bobby like to stand in the rain with out a umbrella, I would think no. So why the hell wouldnt Halo want a bonnet???? Buy the horse a bonnet!


  3. I vote for the black with red and white trim. Of COURSE Halo needs a hat, Bobby, get on with the/Amanda’s program! 🙂

    I’m wondering what you’ve got left to Amandacize now… Bobby’s underwear?


  4. Halo obviously needs more than one bonnet, and Bobby is a cruel horse owner for denying his poor Halo a complete set of matching bonnets for every occasion.


  5. im actually from the bobby school (i dont like using anything, i ride my horse bare legged unless im jumping and then i use open fronts, and my trainer also encouraged me to buy a breastplate)

    but halo looks EVEN CUTER in a bonnet and he needses it. if he doesnt want to go full custom, ive been eyeing some of the KL select bonnets that come in about eleventy bajillion colors: http://www.klselect.com/horse-apparel/fly-veils/

    im probably going to buy one because of similar gnat issues.


    1. He’s not allowed to buy a USG one because they don’t lay flat and it bugs the crap out of me lol. Unsee that link, Bobby! And custom is only like $15 more.


        1. You can see in the pictures, they kinda pooch up at the sides. The ones I’ve seen in person do the same thing, something about the fit is a little off. I dunno why that drives me so utterly batty, but it does.


      1. OH snap! I want that bonnet then! Knowing you’d be annoyed everytime you looked at it??? SOLD! I’ll buy five!


    1. Halo want’s a hat like Halo wanted his tail dyed by Amanda! …he was terrified of the dark water going between his legs… LOL!


    1. I am holding out for a Xmas present from Amanda, as learned from the gloves, if I wait long enough she’ll start twitching at the lack of color coordination and she’ll buy it.


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