10 things about Rolex that made me happy

Of course, I couldn’t actually be there in person since money doesn’t grow on trees (seriously, money, what gives?) but I spent the past 4 days pretty much glued to the internet. Thank you live streaming and social media for making it possible for nerds like me to feel like we were still part of it. So here, in no particular order, are 10 things I saw at Rolex that made me happy.

1 – Joe Meyer’s kilt and Clip Clop’s feelings about it


2 – Roxies’s big floppy dressage ears.



3 – Whiskers and ear hair, specifically on Matt Brown and Tim Price’s horses (saw whiskers on Jock Paget’s, too!)


4 – The shopping. It’s a VERY GOOD thing I wasn’t there. 




5 – Matching hats. So many matching hats.


6 – The fact that I will never, in my entire life, have to jump crazy shit like this:




7 – Henry’s doppleganger, Cecelia, the horse representing Mexico. It’s borderline creepy how similar they look. I knew he was really meant to be a mare.

That’s 100% Henny face
Henny Run!


8 – Clear XC and a 4* completion for $750 CANTER horse AP Prime! And 5 OTTB’s in the top 20!



9 – The love, pride, and appreciation for the horses from their riders 



10 – Uni’s ridiculous adventures (lots more on her page, I had to just pick a few)

John Nunn is into it

28 thoughts on “10 things about Rolex that made me happy

  1. I had several friends at Rolex this weekend and I would have loved to go, too. Social media is a great way to be there without actually being there.


  2. Doug Payne’s matchy-matchyness reminded me of you and Henry, in that he and Quinn were matched to the nines all weekend! Also, I saw all the riders giving their horses some serious love on social media, that hits me right in the feels. I was only actually able to watch the dressage on Thurs and Friday (at work, #sorrynotsorry), because apparently my home internet is stupid so I didn’t catch the insane XC or the stadium.

    The main thing I was disappointed in at Rolex was seeing a few top hats in dressage, namely Michael Jung. I totally understand that the top hat is tradition, but a large part of me is sad that he has now won back-to-back Rolex titles and had the top spot the entire weekend, but still didn’t wear a helmet. I have the same feelings about Jung’s top hat that you did last year about Lainey Ashker’s top hat posted on her IG. I think helmets should be required for all 3 phases, but that’s purely just my own opinion.

    Otherwise, Rolex was awesome this weekend, can’t wait to see a lot of these riders at Jersey Fresh in 2 weeks!


    1. I don’t like the top hat thing either. We are at least finally to the point where you rarely see one on a US rider… I think it’s just not really pushed/hammered on as much in other parts of the world. Soon, hopefully! And Doug Payne’s matching game was super on point.


  3. I am so disappointed I missed Uni! DH knew to look out for him too but we didn’t manage to find him. Or is it her? He did recognize Michael Jung both in the Sunday am jog before I saw him, and at the Lorenzini booth where he was signing autographs. And we bought DH a pair of breeches (amongst many new things for me). Yup, another budding eventer in the house!

    But what an amazing weekend!! We’re already planning for next year!!


  4. #9 gave me all the feels. and it’s not just their PR people spouting what’s appropriate on social media – that love and appreciate of the horses was deeply apparent in person watching them go around all three phases. lots of pats and verbal encouragement all round. you could really see and feel the partnerships these riders and horses have developed. #inspiring

    (also super bummed i missed Uni completely tho. womp).


  5. Oh, come now, you KNOW you really do want to rock a 4* someday! 😉
    I agree with all you said (though I missed seeing the whiskers, that’s pretty cool that people are leaving them on). I mainly am thrilled that Rolex went off without a major horse or rider injury, despite the insane fences, deep footing and that incredibly loooooong course. I watched the helmet-cam video and I swear halfway through I was thinking, “They’re not done YET??” It was exhausting just watching!
    MJ and Roxie are just incredible. What a display of horsemanship, and he seems like a genuinely decent person, too. I also really enjoyed several other pairs I’d never heard of before, especially Maya Black. And I was definitely rooting for Matt Brown who I’ve gotten to know via his COTH blogs – so pleased he and Sox did well on XC!
    I viewed parts of every day online and am still not done catching up with everyone I wanted to see. Very grateful for USEF’s free streaming, which fortunately worked perfectly for me!


    1. The way Michael Jung rode that open corner at the Fox Den will never leave my mind. He was the only rider who never once took a pull, and instead used his body to make sure the horse was lined up. An open corner, off a totally blind turn, and he didn’t lose an ounce of his speed or balance. Freaking incredible.


  6. Boyd, why are you in the water in your sneakers??? Just the thought of wet socks makes me uncomfortable. Questionable life choices aside, I love the fact that so many OTTBs are moving into the upper levels.


    1. I thought the exact same thing. I hate any wet clothing, but especially socks or shoes. Certainly Dubarry would have let him borrow a pair, great marketing for them!


  7. It is illegal in most of Europe to trim horse’s whiskers or ear hair, as well as to dock or otherwise alter tails. All things that I wish we would adopt here. Horses have all those parts for a reason! I love the matchy fly veils, I wish we could use them in regular dressage! But alas, we have to get prior approval from the judge and/or have a vet note.


  8. I was so sad to have missed Uni! I was saving a mimosa just in case 🙂 I kind of teared up reading all of #9. We all should be in it for the love of horses and the spot, so amazing to see that the big guns feel the same way.


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