The 15 Day Pregnancy Check

Tuesday marked 15 days since Sadie was bred to Mighty Magic. I was pretty nervous about whether or not she would take, considering that last time she was bred it took a few tries, plus this year we were trying with frozen semen instead of fresh. But the difference was a very very good repro vet with tons of experience using frozen, and some history of how Sadie cycles. His success rate is really high, so I was hoping he could work some magic (no pun intended) here.

not her best angle

And he did. This, my friends, is a big beautiful 15 day pregnancy. Ten years ago Sadie was a black dot on a ultrasound screen as well, and I’m just as excited now as I was then.


So we’ve reached the first milestone. Next up is the heartbeat check at Day 29. Hoping that our Little Black Dot decides to stick around and make him/herself at home in there for the long haul. I’ll breathe a little easier once we make it past 60 days, but for now… step 1 is done!

Baby Daddy

13 thoughts on “The 15 Day Pregnancy Check

      1. i see chrome. i stand by that 🙂 but congrats!! never thought i would be so glad to see someone knocked up. (ha ha ha)


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