Louisiana bound (with floaties)

Bobby and I are off bright and early this morning for the 6 hour trek to Louisiana for Holly Hill Horse Trials. This whole area of the US is so water-logged right now, hopefully some sunshine today will help make things less of a mess. Still betting on a muddy weekend, they’ve gotten about 7″ of rain this week and we’ve had even more.


Of course, we really haven’t ridden all week due to the rain and god awful mud, nor have the horses been turned out. Well… I did hack on the shoulder of the road a couple of days this week, and Henry got to go out in the round pen for a few hours yesterday. This could be exciting! Don’t worry, I brought the Shitshow socks, because they’ll probably be accurate.

There are 26 in my division and 16 in Bobby’s… I’m just gonna try not to die and finish on a number. Luckily I don’t need a placing, just a completion to fulfill my qualifications for Coconino. Yay, first recognized of 2016 (for me)! But first, a really really long boring drive awaits…


20 thoughts on “Louisiana bound (with floaties)

  1. Wow, 6 hours to an event is wild. Being on the East Coast I sometimes forget that I’m spoiled in that regard. Best of luck! I hope it goes smoothly and I NEED those socks, where did you get them?


    1. oh my goodness in some places its more like 8, like where I used to live! I’m “happy” I moved back to OH where most are 2-3 hours max.

      Sidenote good luck guys! You’ll crush it


  2. Ha maybe all the lack of turnout and exercise will translate to a more “brilliant” and “expressive” test? Seriously tho, good luck and have fun and don’t forget to turn your helmet cam on!!!! πŸ˜€


  3. ha that ride can never be boring with you and Bobby in the cab of the truck πŸ™‚ Have fun can’t wait to hear all!!


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