Helmet update(s)

A few weeks ago I was pondering the idea of buying a new skull cap, but at a loss as to what to buy. This is one of the many times where being a blogger and wondering things aloud paid off – a Charles Owen rep was reading and came to my aid, suggesting I try the Pro II. One pretty helmet purchase later (bonus points for navy), I have a new skull cap.


It fits way better than the other one and is much more stable on my head. For a skull cap it’s not too terribly bulbous, and it’s pretty lightweight and comfortable. Love the harness too. Even all of the padding and harness is navy! Little things like that make me happy. Fellow oval headed eventers – I definitely recommend trying the Pro II.

The next step is ordering a fancy custom cover from Sipp Silks. I think I’ve decided on a simple two center stripe design in navy and yellow but I’m still mulling it over a bit. So many options. Like for real…

yes, even unicorns

As far as the Samshield goes, I have to update here and say that I’ve been even more pleased with it now that we’ve had some gross and hot weather. The airflow with the Premium liner in it is better than my old Speed Air, which I was not expecting, and I love being able to pull the liner out and wash it. Very happy with my helmet collection now!

Also – thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday’s post and shared their stories. I wasn’t expecting such a reaction but I absolutely loved reading what everyone had to say.

17 thoughts on “Helmet update(s)

      1. I should probably change that. Bit of Britain definitely didn’t have that cover available back in the dark ages when I ordered my first cover. Alas, the horse who inspired the handle is retired, and honestly… my new horse doesn’t need any more (scandalized) attention at shows. So far she has let herself out of her temp stall to tour the showgrounds at a kangaroo-inspired gallop, spooked and bolted backwards/nearly threw me over her head before she even crossed the SJ laser line to start our course and nearly stopped us out on a jump she had schooled a few weeks before because they put flowers on it. Perhaps I should call myself TheShitshowEventer from now on?


  1. Oooh! Once you’ve actually ordered, please share your experiences with Sipps! I’ve been eyeing them for a long time, but holding off because… Well, I think just because I can’t decide what to get 🙂 Love my Pro II as well.


  2. hmm may be a nice helmet option for me…I tried skull caps and non fit! I have an oval head and most I tried were too round.


    1. I have a freakishly large, oval head and adore the Pro II. I am on my second Pro II, a sadly non-navy one (mare dumped me and the navy one died, and navy meant a backorder). The J3 was also a good fit but it has less ventilation.


  3. I have a question. This is coming from an endurance rider, so please forgive my ignorance. What is up with the cover/visor pulled halfway up the helmet? Is it just for the look or does it help provide shade while keeping your vision completely unobscured?


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