Going to Rolex? Read This!

If you’re going to Rolex and want to win some free money and free stuff, keep reading.

The Eventing Unicorn will be at Rolex this year gathering even more autographs. For those who don’t know Uni’s story, read all about her here and here. Or the short version – we’re collecting signatures from upper level riders on the unicorn mask and taking pictures with the riders and Uni for a photobook. The mask and the photobook will be auctioned off to benefit a Texas eventing facility owner and her special needs daughter. Uni already went to Fair Hill last fall and got some pretty big names:

Jimmy Wofford and Colleen Rutledge

And now she’s headed to Rolex to add some more international riders to the collection.

So, about that contest…

  • A picture of Uni is worth one entry.
  • A picture with Uni is worth two entries. Don’t be shy, go up there and get a picture. Knowing Uni’s entourage, they’ll probably hand you a drink and you’ll be BFF’s 5 minutes later.
  • post it to Instagram with the hashtag #unidoesrolex (make sure to @eventing_unicorn)
  • There is NO LIMIT to the number of entries.
  • One winner will be randomly selected for a $30 Riding Warehouse gift card, plus two free belts and a shirt (of the winner’s choice) courtesy of Mango Bay!


Where can Uni be found? She will be tailgating of course, so look for her near Spot 57. Otherwise, just keep your eyes peeled – you never know where she’ll show up!

Uni with DOC

For the bloggers out there who don’t have Instagram (ahem EMMA), if you post the picture on your blog I’ll count that as an entry too. Just make sure I see the blog post and please link to The Eventing Unicorn’s facebook page when you post it!

Also please please please feel free to share this post anywhere you wish. The more we can spread the word about Uni, the more bids we’ll get when she gets auctioned off, which equals more money for her cause! And if you’re not going to Rolex, make sure to follow Uni on facebook and Instagram to keep up with all of her adventures.

15 thoughts on “Going to Rolex? Read This!

  1. I’m seriously going for two for two this year. Or maybe three for two since perhaps I won’t just settle for the “creeper from afar” photo like last year lol.


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