Keeping Secrets

Guess who got a real, genuine leather, CUSTOM saddle and is no longer riding in a Wintec? That’s right, this douchebag:


A few months ago I came across a picture of a really cool saddle on facebook that was in Bobby’s colors, so I sent it to him. He actually said it was beautiful, and I politely encouraged him to ask how much it was. It was made by a very small saddlery in the UK, so I thought maybe the price could be reasonable. And while yes it was SUPER reasonable for a custom saddle, it was a bit more than Bobby could justify spending. So he did what any self-respecting manchild would do and dropped many not-at-all subtle hints to his bf Dustin about what a good birthday present it would be. Dustin pretended to laugh it off, but he’s a devious one…


And so began the process of Dustin and I plotting behind Bobby’s back to get him his dream saddle. Dustin emailed the maker about ordering and payment, and I provided the fit details (seat size, flap length, forwardness, etc) and the tracing of Halo’s back. This was a pretty massive secret operation, trying to get the saddle just right but not let Bobby catch on to what we were doing.


Dustin was able to pull off the extra miraculous feat of getting the saddle delivered to him in about a month. Pretty amazing turnaround time for custom, and the saddle is beautiful.

When it arrived, Dustin asked me when I thought he should give it to Bobby and I said please god do it immediately. #1 keeping secrets as amazing as this one is physically painful for me, #2 if he’s gonna show in it on his birthday at his first recognized Training with Halo, he needs to ride in it a little bit first. Guess who legit cried when he got his saddle? He also told me he loved me. Twice. Just for the record.

He keeps calling it “baby girl”

Because Dustin is the best human ever, he also asked me if Bobby needed any accessories to go with his new saddle. I happily directed him to a real bridle (no more plastic bridle!) and a new saddle pad from Riding Warehouse, plus the saddle maker provided leathers with red stitching to match. He is 100% re-outfitted and ready to look like a total badass. My little Bobby is growing up!

Plastic free! Except for the girth…


I have never been so excited for someone else to get a present. I feel like we’ve all won here. I also want to go on record with a few direct quotes from a newly-reformed Bobby:

  • “My girth actually works. But wintec is shit so maybe I should go buy a fancy one for him.”
  • His comment after he gave me his navy saddle pad “It’s gross, it doesn’t match. I can’t have it near the saddle. It hurts my eyes. I’m buying another pad today so I have two schooling pads. White red or black…..”
  • “I want to burn this ugly plastic shit!”

62 thoughts on “Keeping Secrets

  1. HOW EFFING AWESOME IS THAT!! That is amazing and gave me goosebumps reading. UMMM I am pretty sure Dustin is the one he loves but yeah sure you too! 🙂 Happy Birthday Bobby early!! and wow that saddle is absolutely gorgeous. Win win!!
    it is gorgeous….

    PS my British husband loves the British flag on it 🙂


  2. omg. best post ever. and i really laughed at the end.

    (ps: bobby – not only does your bf appear to have money but he also supports your horse habit. i suggest you lock that shit down asap)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. That’s a beautiful saddle. What an awesome gift. Way to go Dustin for making that happen and Amanda for helping make sure it was done right. Halo looks happy, too.


      1. I know? She can’t call my ball-less since I am running Training, she can’t make fun if my gear/outfits since she basically picked everything out… Whatever will she do with herself now?

        Liked by 2 people

  4. Hole.E.Crap. How the hell could you even secret for that long? I would have died.

    I like how the pig matches the carpet.


  5. Everyone needs a Dustin apparently. That saddle looks so much more comfortable for both Bobby and Halo! And man does Halo look fancy in that new bridle.


  6. Haha! I love this post! I love you! There, three times!! Best surprise EVER – as a thank you, I will allow you to be the one to light the plastic tack bonfire!!

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  7. This is awesome in so many ways. Gorgeous saddle, great gift, great bf, great friend, and NO MORE PLASTIC! Well done, Amanda. And Dustin. And Bobby.


  8. What an AWESOME present. Is it a Silhouette? They are super nice. I had one for my TB gelding ages ago, though it wasn’t nearly as bad ass looking as black with red piping.


  9. Looking good.

    You should head on over to Ogilvy Bobby and design a few pads. If you ship to someone in Canada they sell you the pads in Canadian dollars, which saves aboot 30% 😉


  10. OMG, that saddle is beeeeaautiful. I would shed many tears, too. Now I want/need a custom saddle– your blog is no good for my bank account.


  11. Holy Mother Loving Bazookas. That saddle is so luscious I want to marry it. Congratulations on the new super fly turn out! He must feel fantastic to be rid of the plastic stuff.


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