XC schooling and camera testing

Three things are clear from yesterday’s adventure:

  1. The Cambox is freaking awesome.
  2. I need to figure out how to use it better and tweak a few things to make it perfect.
  3. Bobby sucks at taking video.

Bobby was showing at MeadowCreek on Friday/Saturday, and he stayed over until Sunday so I could come meet him up there for an XC school. As soon as Henry came off the trailer and saw Halo it was total bromance mode.



and Derps

I put the Cambox on my helmet at the barn but had some issues getting the adhesive to stick to the alcantara on the underside of the brim. Gonna have to play with it to get it secure enough for my liking, but there’s no doubt it looks a million times more sleek than the GoPro.

I also don’t think I charged it enough, or maybe I left it on in between filming, because I ran out of battery not too far into our schooling. Gonna have to play with that too. And I need to turn the lens a little more upward so you can see the fences better. Ok, so I learned a lot on this trial run. Mostly I just got video of the water (which wasn’t much footage when I trimmed off all the extra galloping stretches and walking):

Bobby got a little bit of video though, at least of the Training half coffin and another Training roll top.

I love this screen shot of Halo watching Henry. I think he’s coaching him through…


Then we jumped the scary giant T/P weldon’s wall and Bobby did this:

You had ONE JOB, Bobby! He says he got so excited he forgot he was filming. Or he’s just dumb… you decide. But here’s a picture of said Weldon’s wall from the front.

Henry was his usual good boy self, and it was a super fun and productive schooling. Once I get the chance to play with the Cambox a little bit more I’ll do a review, but so far I’m pretty happy with it. The design is awesome and it’s waaaay easier to use/less obtrusive than the GoPro!

Da Boys ❤

23 thoughts on “XC schooling and camera testing

  1. Three things from me:
    1) it gives me a better view of Henny’s pretty neck and not just his ears so not all bad 🙂
    2) I think the actual footage is clearer than your old one so think once you figure it all out it is going to really be amazing

    Go da boys! 🙂


    1. Yeah, bromance when they ‘need’ each other, if they were standing that close at home, there’d be bared teeth and pinned ears!! But they are super super cute away from home together.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. He looks so glad he finally found the real Halo, and not the weird imposter that showed up in his trailer. He’s looks so happy toodling around out there!


  3. I just got a helmet cam and used it the other day but it keeps pointing up too high to look right. ALSO I was superrrr bummed because I forgot to turn it on for one of my courses and I fell off, which would’ve been GREAT footage! lol


  4. wooo awesome schooling! i def love the look of that cam more than the larger gopro or contour roam (what i have). tho now i’m slightly impressed with my contour’s ability to take a beating at our own recent schooling so… who knows haha


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