Last year in single digits

Yep, that’s right… somebody turned 9 years old on Saturday.


9 seems so much older than 8. Henry is not really a young horse anymore, he’s in his prime. He can’t be particularly green anymore at this point. All of his growth plates are definitely closed. He’s been to a lot of shows and hauled all over the place since I got him. He’s quickly moving into “pro” territory.

Please stop torturing me. Put me back in here and take me home.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a horse this age. It’s kind of strange to no longer have the built in “baby brain” and “green horse” thing in the back of my mind all the time. But it’s also pretty fun to have one at this stage of his life/career too. Henry is very consistent, he’s gotten used to taking a joke, and he’s started to develop a bit of a been-there-done-that air about him. After so many young green horses, it’s nice to finally enjoy one that is a little bit past that.


He was a little mad at me on Saturday morning because I showed up to take him to our lesson right when all of his friends were getting turned out. I stuck him in the round pen while I packed the trailer and he ran around like a total idiot. Older, but not wiser.

Henny mad. Henny canter in circles.

He hauled like a champ though and is getting really good at hanging out at the trailer and being chill about the whole thing. Usually he lets out one big neigh when I unload him (to announce his presence, I must assume) and then he munches his hay.


The lesson went pretty well, I can’t complain about his performance, but I have no media and therefore will not bore you with a recap. The weather was GORGEOUS though… 75 degrees and sunny. To cap off his birthday weekend he’s getting drunk today… because he’s getting his teeth done. Happy Birthday Henry!


10 thoughts on “Last year in single digits

  1. aww happy bday Henry!! i’ve always loved young green horses but have to admit that i’m pretty freakin spoiled now by my total rock star professional 13yr old now… 😉


  2. My mare is 15 and still gets ridiculously worked up if she can’t go out with all her friends. Once I thought for sure she was going to jump the arena fence to get into the next door pasture, but fortunately her distance to the fence was interrupted by the end of the dressage ring…


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