Brand Spotlight: Winston Equestrian USA (GIVEAWAY)

Welcome to a new series of posts called Brand Spotlight! As you may have guessed from the oh-so-clever-and-subtle name, these posts will be focusing on specific brands that are either lesser known or newer to the US market.  There’s so much great horse stuff out there these days, we don’t have to settle for the same old boring, uncomfortable, impractical, or ill-fitting things anymore… it’s time to start calling attention to some of our new and better options. The first brand to be featured in this series is Winston Equestrian USA, and to celebrate the first Spotlight post there is also an awesome GIVEAWAY! Read on for more information, it’s a good one.


Some of you might remember me mentioning Winston USA last week after I perused the Luxe EQ trailer and ended up falling in love with (and ordering) a coat that I definitely was not in the market for but absolutely had to have. I suppose you could say I was impressed with the line! You’ve probably seen Winston before even if you haven’t realized it, on well-known Canadian Team riders such as Eric Lamaze, Tiffany Foster, and Kara Chad.


Winston Equestrian is a high end brand founded in 2008, designed in Belgium and made entirely in Europe from the best European fabrics. The overall feel of their line is very classic, but with modern touches and exceptionally high class execution. They have a full line of clothing for men and women including show coats, casual shirts, show shirts, breeches, sweaters, and more.

Let’s start with my favorite item – the coats. The first thing you’ll notice is that they’re made out of lightweight, stretchy, wool-based fabric. Forget everything you ever thought you knew about wool, because these are not your traditional heavy, frumpy, hot, hard to care for wool coats. First of all, they’re machine washable. Yes, you can put it in the washing machine and hang it up to dry! They’re also cut so incredibly well that they manage to be flattering on pretty much any body type – unlike so many of the modern tech fabric coats that tend to highlight every bump and bulge. They come in a wide range of sizes, including regular and tall, and the material is very forgiving, comfortable, and breathable. There are several different models of coats available within the Winston USA line, starting with the most classic style and working all the way up to full custom.

The Winston Classic is elegant and timeless, making it perfect for the hunter and equitation rings.


The Winston Chicago and Montreal are both more unique styles, featuring either pinstripe or tonal plaid fabrics in multiple colors in addition to the signature Winston elbow patches and Winston buttons.

Left, Montreal; Center and Right, Chicago

The Contrast coat is a creative twist on the Classic coat with the addition of a contrasting seam stitch and collar piping. This detail really stands out beautifully and is figure flattering.


The Winston Exclusive coat is the ultimate custom coat. You can personalize your own completely one-of-a-kind creation by choosing from an array of fabric, collar, piping and lining colors plus many different button options. The sky is truly the limit!


The show shirt that I tried on was just as nice, with the perfect weight fabric (not so heavy as to be hot, but not so thin as to be sheer) and an excellent fit. One of my biggest pet peeves is a shirt that is either super baggy through the body with a ton of excess shirttail to tuck in or one that is so short it doesn’t stay tucked in, but these were impeccably tailored and had none of those problems. It also seems exceedingly rare to find a shirt that fits well in the body without gapping at the bust, but Winston USA really nailed it. They’re flattering, they’re beautiful and they’re comfortable.

From left to right: Paris, Sydney, Vienna

Winston USA offers several shirt options from the more traditional look of the Paris, to the beautiful buttons and trim details on the Sydney, to the hint of color on the Vienna, to the sleek contemporary Mia and Lara, all available in both long sleeve and short sleeve. All of their shirts have stretch in the fabric to allow for more comfort and better freedom of movement in the saddle. Again, there’s something in the Winston USA collection to suit just about any style or size. There’s even a tall option on the shirts as well!

Mia shirt with an Exclusive Contrast coat

Winston USA’s breeches are made of high quality Schoeller fabric that give them an excellent fit and elasticity, but also means they won’t stretch out and sag as the day wears on. The breeches come in classic white and beige, plus a beautiful charcoal gray, navy and dark brown for the informal jumper ring or schooling. All of their breeches are available in low- and mid-rise, and with either fabric patches or faux leather knee patches. They also feature the ever-glorious sock bottom, for those of you out there who hate velcro as much as I do.


If you like having some casual wear options to go with your stunning show clothes, Winston USA has that covered too. Their Milan v-neck sweater is just the right weight to wear alone on mild days or layered over a dress shirt on colder days. Plus they have elbow patches – and there’s nothing better than elbow patches.


The Winston USA dress shirts have many of the same qualities as their show shirts: impeccable fit, classic styling, and just the right weight fabric. The two-tiered collar design is a super classy-looking and fun touch, plus looks great when layered underneath a coordinating sweater.


And of course they also have fun accessories like bamboo boot socks, saddle pads, and ties.

I had to put this beautiful white tie in here just for Bobby

Overall the Winston Equestrian USA line really has the feel of classic sophistication, but with more practical contemporary fabrics and exceptional tailoring. It is truly high end and luxurious, with something in the line to suit everyone. The brand is always expanding, adding more styles and colors, so keep an eye on their facebook page, Instagram, or website to stay up to date on their latest offerings. And of course, you can always find the Winston line at Luxe EQ at shows around the country, or on their website.

just a sampling of the Winston coats in the Luxe EQ mobile


Now that you know more about Winston USA, let’s get to the fun part: the giveaway!

Who: Winston Equestrian USA and Luxe EQ are teaming up to offer TWO awesome giveaway items.

What: There will be two winners! One will get a Paris show shirt (retail $189) and the other will get a Milan sweater (retail $169) in available sizes and colors.

When: entries are open from February 12-19th.

Where: here and Instagram

How: There are three different ways to enter (and yes you can enter each way if you’d like to stack the odds in your favor!). Note: you MUST be following both Luxe EQ and Winston Equestrian USA to win!

  • Go to the giveaway post on Luxe EQ or Winston Equestrian USA‘s Instagram and tag 3 friends in a comment.
  • Re-post the giveaway photo on your own Instagram with #iwantwinston
  • Leave a comment on this blog post saying what your favorite Winston USA item is (style and color!). Please make sure to leave an email, full name, or blog link so we know how to contact you if you win.

Good Luck!

61 thoughts on “Brand Spotlight: Winston Equestrian USA (GIVEAWAY)

  1. Great Amanda. Thanks. And Mars thanks you. Because no productive anything will be done today as I look through everything to find a complete kit for my showing debut in May. **eek**.

    And I’ll be back to post my fav USA Winston item too.


    1. Oh…and did I mention that every time you wrote tall as in they have tall sizes my heart sung just a lil’ bit? #tallpeopleproblems


      1. You would love Winston then! I have to say, I was super impressed. For as nice as it looks on the hanger, everything just looks SO GOOD on. I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a brand that was so well tailored right off the rack.


  2. I LOVE the Exclusive coat – so many options! ❤ Especially that cropped photo that has the royal blue collar, drool. And tall options on shirts? Amazing, simply amazing!


  3. And just when I was giving some thought to returning to the show ring in the future. These are definitely doing on my wish list. Enabler. I love all.the.things. but at the moment, would give the nod to the Paris Tech show shirt in white/sage.


  4. Loving the Paris show shirt! Curse you, Amanda! Lol Not really… If nothing else, I KNOW I dress better now, thanks to your blog!


  5. I love everything by Winston! But I have to say I’m in love with the gray coat with the elbow patches and also the coat with the blue collar and white piping.


  6. Really neat how you got sponsored for a giveaway! I love their stuff, and if the Canadian team is sporting them you can’t go wrong. My favorite item is the Winston Classic show jacket, in good old black. Us equation people have to keep it simple. 😻😊


  7. Love the Montreal with the elbow patches! Navy with the grey stripe and elbow patches 👌🏼

    The sweaters are a close second, I would love to collect all the colours! Would definitely start with the blue with grey patches, that would be a wardrobe staple for me!


  8. So in love with this brand for all the reasons you named, though I had not seen those show shirts. Since I’m a bit more erm…shapely than the typical model, I always have gapping bust buttons. So excited that these don’t have that issue as much without also being baggy all around. And of course I’ve wanted a grey jacket with a light blue collar for ages and wouldn’t you know, that’s an option with the Exclusive coat. As is my dream Green jacket. drool.


  9. great write up – they look like lovely products! alas i don’t think i’m eligible to win (assuming the ‘must be following’ refers to following via FB, for which i don’t have an account), but great giveaway all the same!


  10. How to choose just one thing? I would wear any of that and covet it and pet it. But throw me in one of the casual shirts please, and a pair of charcoal grey and an exclusive coat with purple and grey.


  11. So many choices. This is so hard! I want all the things! But I think I shall start with the Chicago coat in grey with the dark grey collar.

    Wait! There’s an exclusive coat with purple and grey??? Where is that? I want that one! 🙂


  12. Love Winston hunt coats and can’t wait to build a custom one with my barn colors one day! I really want to try a shirt and sweater as well.


  13. Oh my goodness, I’d love to win the lottery and buy one of everything. But those breeches are gorgeous – I’d love the charcoal grey.


  14. OMG That Chicago coat! I think my chestnut (making his jumper debut from the hunters this summer) with a bunch of chrome would look AMAZING in the olive color. Plus I have red hair and want to get brown boots, so we would pretty much be the most fashionable pair ever (in order to distract from our 658 time faults).

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I am a big fan of the breeches (I wish I could see more of them on the facebook page and website though) and the sweaters, but most of all I am ridiculously smitten with the Chicago Coat, brown with grey elbow patches, grey double stitching and grey buttons. ❤


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