2016 goals, plans, and wildest dreams

Considering last year was the first year I’ve ever written down goals for myself, I’m probably really tempting fate by doing it two years in a row. But I’m a) ever-optimistic b) dumb, so here we go.


Qualify for a Novice 3-Day – I only need one more completion, so we should be good on this I would hope.

Compete in a N3D  – This is more tricky, but if I save all my pennies and the stars align just right, we’ll be in Flagstaff in July.

I want those to be Henry’s ears on the steeplechase track.

Place at N3D – This is taking it perhaps one step too far, but we’re gonna choose to dream big.

Move up to Training – We’ll see how the year goes, but if we’re ready, I want to do it. Granted, the tables at Training still make me want to pee myself a little. And by a little I mean a lot.

who builds this and puts it on a Training level course? Satan?

Make an actual 15m circle – Not oval. Not trapezoid. Not rectangle. CIRCLE. 15m. Not 18m. 15m. Why is 15m so much harder than 20m?

Go to at least one dressage-only show – And only whine about it a little bit. And try not to scare the DQ’s. Ah, forget that part, I don’t really care if I scare the DQ’s.

Keep Henry happy and healthy – You’re welcome for the $$$ fetlock juice, please do not require any more in the near future.

Get a 4-legged bun in the oven – pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase?


Get the trailer 100% road-worthy – Poor Black Betty has been on hold for a while.



Be more fit – Seriously, for real this time. Henry would really appreciate it.

Be better about budgeting – If I want to go to Coconino, I have to start saving now. Arizona is far away and that shit is not cheap.

but it’s pretty

Buy a truck – Also another reason that better budgeting is required, since a truck has become necessary and my car is about to croak anyway.

Do a little better about balancing horse stuff with real life – I have a serious one track mind.

Get another tattoo – I’ve had that planned for a while.

Live boldly – We only get one go around, so might as well get the most out of it eh? I want to seize every opportunity I can and do things I haven’t done… especially the things I think I can’t. I want my default answer to be “why not?”.

Last year I ended my goals post with a quote that I thought summed up what I wanted for the coming year. I tried to do the same this year but couldn’t really come up with a good one. Instead I wandered over to my mom’s Pinterest account (which is still up, thank goodness) and found that she had made a quotes section of her own. I picked a few of my favorites from her favorites, because it only seems fitting to start the year with a little wisdom courtesy of her.

true story.  This would be great for a parent to do for their kid and have the words overlaying images of milestones in their lives, showcasing all they've done because they believed in themselves:

it's vital.:
She had this one pinned FOUR times, so I’m gonna guess she liked it

I've been trying!:



24 thoughts on “2016 goals, plans, and wildest dreams

  1. Those all seem like ambitious, but fair goals. I think you guys can do it! Though that table really is terrifying. After jumping one not quite as big and almost dying, I’ll stick with poles that fall down thankyouverymuch. I love those quotes though. all good things to remember.


      1. The tables grow overnight while you are sleeping and haunt your dreams. Then they shrink again when you walk the course again in the morning. I know because I’ve been there ( I strongly recommend sleeping pills the night before). The scariest ones always turn out to be your best fence 🙂


  2. Tiny tip for the 15m circle…First, remember that the 20m circle represents the natural bend of the horse. Nothing special required to obtain it. For the 15m, position the head a little to the inside (inside rein a little shorter than outside) and let the body follow it. Don’t lose the outside rein. For a 10m or a volte, the head will have to be positioned even more to the inside. This is the head only, not pulling the neck around! Good luck with all your other goals in 2016!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Every level has gotten harder, or at least it seems way harder than I remember it being in 2002/2003 when I evented the first time. Training then looked like Novice now!


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