2015 Blog Stats

This was pretty fun to look at last year so I figured I’d pull some numbers for this year too. This is my first full year of blogging, since I started in May 2014. Not surprising then that a lot of the numbers are significantly higher than last year’s.

Let’s start with most popular posts, based on number of unique views


It’s probably not a surprise to anyone who had internet access during October that the “when does control become abuse?” post is clocking in at just under 55,000 hits these days. What a huge headache that was, but I still feel it was a valid discussion and a lot of good came of it, so I don’t regret it. I’m also glad that the Black Friday sale post was well received because oh my god that consumed my life for a couple of days. I’m not sure if I’ll be tackling that again or not… I still haven’t recovered. Y’all sure do love sales.

The next question is: where are they all coming from?



My top referrers are the same this year as they were last year, proving that SprinklerBandit is still omnipotent.


Then there are the general numbers, blah blah blah…


And then we get to the nitty gritty: NUMBER OF GUEST POSTS FROM BOBBY?


Because I’ve been bugging him for months to write an AEC recap of his fabulous win for y’all, but I guess he doesn’t love you enough to put down his wine glass for 10 minutes to write one. What a jerk.

Yet what was the most watched video on the blog this year? Shitshow Episode Two, naturally.


13 thoughts on “2015 Blog Stats

    1. It never stops either. You can tell when it gets reposted somewhere else because everything spikes for a few days all over again. My graphs are screwed forever.


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