Post-Christmas sales

If you’re looking for a way to burn that cash or those Visa gift cards you got for Christmas, a few of my favorites are having good sales!

Riding Warehouse (20% off automatically shows up when you add things to the cart)

Aztec Diamond Equestrian

PS of Sweden

Asmar Equestrian

Yes I’m sharing this because one of them already got me and I don’t want to be the only one. Who can say no to a $26 merino wool sweater? Not I.

18 thoughts on “Post-Christmas sales

  1. Danger! DANGER!
    (High voltage – sorry so g is stuck in my head now)

    I was so looking forward to the ADE sale, was hoping to pounce on a similar buy one get second half price on breeches offer they ran last christmas as i live in the pairs i snapped up them. Sadly though, or luckily for my bank balance, the aubergine & blue pairs i had been eyeing are not on sale…so I’ll have to wait a while to pull the trigger on those methinks.

    Happy post-Xmas shopping ☺☺☺


        1. OMG. I am so behind. I had never heard of Asmar, but you have corrupted me and I bought a new riding jacket and three new shirts-THAT ARE NOT WHITE. All on sale and they have sizes for giant people like me. I have been waiting eagerly to FedEx to find the right gate and promptly tried them on at work this morning. So in love with my new pink and blue $22 riding shirts. I may have to go back and see if there is anything else I can’t live without right now.


  2. Riding Warehouse is calling my name. The rest didn’t have anything I particularly need.

    That said the Divoza 25% (santa15 – through 12/27) off one item got me again and a previous navy helmet is heading my way for a fresh $150 less than usual after shipping so there’s a win.


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