The Shitshow 4 & 5 – Two Part Finale

Sunday was kind of a long and extremely boring day. I think we were all brain dead and exhausted so we mostly just sat around all day and didn’t shoot much footage. Until we opened up all of our swag at the hotel, that is. Then we shot like 10 minutes of footage. Because yes, there was THAT MUCH SWAG.

So, I separated Sunday into two episodes – the footage we shot during the day, and then the footage that is The Unveiling Of The Swag. And man… I love love love all the swag. It barely fit in my car. Free cool shit is my favorite thing in the entire world, especially when it comes in mass quantities.

For those who don’t want to dedicate another 10 minutes of their life watching me and Bobby be idiots, for the Team Championship we won:

  • Noble Outfitters Ringside backpack
  • full set of Easyboot Cloud boots
  • An embroidered Saratoga cooler
  • $250 from USEA
  • A pair of FITS breeches
  • a year subscription to The Chronicle of the Horse
  • a pair of XC boots from Professional’s Choice
  • a $75 Smartpak gift card

I think that’s it. Plus the awesome neck ribbon, which is almost enough to convert me to a satin lover. I have to figure out how/where to display the ribbons and medal, because these are officially the first ribbons that I will never throw away. Oh, and the metal plaque thing. Need to figure out a home for that, cuz it’s pretty cool.


Bobby of course won waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than that, with TONS of awesome stuff, but I’m not gonna list all of his out here because it’d take forever. So if you want to see his loot you’ll have to watch the video. I was tempted to kill him in his sleep and take it all.

Tonight I’ll start working on recaps of the rides themselves, finally. Hopefully I can remember how everything went, because dressage feels like it happened forever ago.

31 thoughts on “The Shitshow 4 & 5 – Two Part Finale

  1. Congrats on all the awesome stuff! Bobby needs to get a really cool helmet. I’m thinking one of the custom CO helmets with piping. Providing it fits his head of course. 🙂 You definitely need to help him improve his look, since he is afterall a badass now.


  2. Big congrats to you, Bobby, and the whol team – you including those fab ponies you get to ride. Enjoy shopping with all the gift cards!


  3. the metal plaque could probably go quite nicely somewhere on your spiffy new trailer 😉

    Or a tack trunk, if you have one. I *think* that is what they are designed for 🙂


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