Shitshow episode 3 and spoiler alert

We are on our way back to Austin this morning with the horses so I have no time to start official write ups and recaps today, but I do have this picture to share. Spoiler alert:

Some of you might have seen this one of Bobby floating around ALL OVER THE INTERNET

And I finished editing Episode 3 of the Shitshow last night. This is footage from Saturday, cross country day.

behind the scenes at AEC

28 thoughts on “Shitshow episode 3 and spoiler alert

    1. As long as the horse isn’t presented to the fence you can circle with no penalty. Except after the final fence… if you circle between the last fence and the finish you get a Willful Delay penalty.


  1. Neck ribbons are my Unicorn! Especially since I ride endurance and well, apparently endurance is ‘too cool’ for neck ribbons:( Sometimes endurance sucks. But you guys rock!! Congrats all around!


    1. You should see all the shit we won. Well… you WILL see all the shit we won, on the last episode of The Shitshow. AEC has freaking awesome prizes… totally worth it for that alone.


  2. If you are found to be willfully wasting time, or willful delay the officials can disqualify you in Canadian Eventing rules I do believe. I don’t have a problem with Bobby circling (I also was thrilled to see he won) but I do know that you could potentially be disqualified for such here. He was pretty far out from the jump, but close enough that it would have been a tough call IMO as to whether he was willfully wasting time up here anyhow to my understanding.

    (this is NOT a crit, just an observation from north of the 49th)


    1. There was no question about his circle. He did it directly after coming out of the water, which is quite a ways from the next fence. Certainly nowhere near close enough to be considered as presenting the horse to the fence. USEA rules only consider it to be willful delay if you break gait or circle between the last fence and the finish. All other places on course are fair game as long as you have not presented to the fence.


      1. I wasn’t meaning to make it sound like there was an issue. 🙂

        It is simply interesting to see the differences. 🙂 Again Bobby is awesome sauce, he earned it. I don’t have an issue with his circle at all.


        1. That was my first circle ever too! I had Halo at the minute markers up until about minute 4 – he just has such a huge stride… I looked at my watch and was look ohhhhhhhhhhhh crap! My tie had a bunch of rails in stadium so the circle ended up not mattering. Thank God we are in Novice now so Halo can motor!


          1. yaaarr

            I am really starting to feel like I am shitting on your parade. You know those comments you type and immediately realize you shouldn’t have typed? Yeah it was one of those. It had no point, no bearing, and really proved nothing. Different country, different rules, grey area up here anyhow.

            I was honestly thrilled to see your placing sir, and that of your team. Circle be damned you got it done you are moving up and you had fun. What more is the sport about really?


            1. You aren’t shitting on my parade at all – it’s a legit question! So much so that I even confirmed it before I considered it as an option because I wasn’t certain – you never know unless you ask!


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