Weekend recap: Rainbow Terrors and Makeovers

First I need y’all to understand the circumstances that this post is being written under, so that if it doesn’t make any sense I have a built in excuse. Quinn has chosen me as His Human, and as such my life apparently now revolves around him. It’s hard to type around fat corgi feet.

Next guest blogger?

Friday was pretty lovely, mostly because lots of good food was involved. Good food is the gold standard. For dinner we went to a great ramen restaurant, then tried out a vegan ice cream place. I know what you’re thinking “Ew, vegan ice cream. Why would you ruin ice cream that way? That’s just wrong.”. That’s what I was thinking anyway. But I was 100% wrong because that place was awesome. The ice cream was good, period… vegan or not. We got something called the Rainbow Terror – two scoops of ice cream (we opted for chocolate and mint chip) – covered with peanut butter magic shell, sprinkles, toasted marshmallows, gummy worms, crushed oreos, and edible glitter. Yes I said edible glitter. I couldn’t get a picture to quite capture just how sparkly this thing was, but it made my little unicorn heart go pitter patter.

They also had cool stickers.

And a sign that I really wanted to steal for my house.

We will definitely be back for more Rainbow Terror, or perhaps a Glitter Beast next time.

Saturday was designated as spa day for Henry. It’s been a couple months since I did his mane, and I’m just going to braid into regular buttons for Corona next weekend, so it had to lose a few inches.

the Before Dinosaur
After – tamed dinosaur

I also finally did his tail. I’ve been saying all year that if we got to AEC he would’ve officially earned a real eventer tail, so that’s what he got. The top got trimmed up, it got dyed back to a normal color, and I banged a good 6″ off the bottom. It now hits solidly mid-cannon when he’s in motion. Sorry hunter folk, but he’s all kinds of eventer-proper now.

Kinda wish I’d done his tail like this from the get-go, his butt looks so much more shapely.

Sundays have become our long-ride days, so we started out with 20 minutes of trotting in the ring and then headed out down the road for some exploring. I’m trying to get at least an hour in, and it can get a little boring. We cantered up and down a stretch beside the road a few times and then meandered around the backroads. I stumbled across this fantastic little patch of nothingness in between corn fields and it has awesome footing. Given how dry it’s been lately it’s become more and more difficult to find fields that aren’t getting super cracked and dangerous, but this one has survived really well. New trot and canter sets field? Yes please.

It also had a little wash out that made a perfect wannabe “sunken road”… hop down, one stride, hop back up. Henry thought it was great fun and tried to celebrate with a dolphinesque victory gallop. He thought it was less fun when I pointed him at an abandoned twin mattress on the side of the road on the way home, but jump over it he did. Cuz he’s an eventer and all that, and none of my bullshit surprises him anymore.

Tonight we have a dressage lesson and then mostly light work the rest of the week before we leave for Corona on Friday!

25 thoughts on “Weekend recap: Rainbow Terrors and Makeovers

  1. A) Fat corgi paws rock B) Tail looks great and mane too and C) lol on jumping a mattress. whatever works. Not sure about vegan ice cream. i will take your word for it. Come on Corona.


    1. This time I used Garnier, which I would not recommend. I usually do Clairol and definitely prefer it. I get the darkest brown color they have, or black-brown. Going totally black tends to look unnatural.


    1. The chocolate was from an almond milk base and the mint chip was from a coconut milk base. The chocolate was pretty creamy. I have no idea what else is in there except vegan voodoo.


  2. Henry’s tail looks awesome! If Dexter goes to any shows next year, I’ll definitely need to dye his tail. It looks pretty bad right now.

    Reading vegan ice cream does not make me want to try it, but I believe you when you say it’s good. Maybe sometime I will actually make it down to Austin and I will have to give it a try. My sister lives in Austin now, so the chances are higher. 🙂


  3. Tail looks great! When you cleaned the top did you use clippers, scissors, or did you actually pull it? I’ve always heard about pulling tails, but never actually done it.

    And man! The dye looks great! I don’t know why I never thought of that before for horses of the past; makes so much damn sense. Don’t need it now (blue roan always has a nice black tail :)) but so wish I would’ve thought of that 10 years ago.


  4. You are the chosen one!

    I’d totally be interested in a how I regarding the tail (more about trimming the top than dyeing, but I’ll take all the knowledge I can get honestly)


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