Jog Outfits (aka the fun part)

I have to admit, it didn’t really occur to me until I wrote yesterday’s post that doing a three day means that there are jog-ups. And jog-ups mean that there are jog outfits. We’ll ignore the fact that they say casual attire permitted and plan spiffy jog outfits anyway. Because this is my Rolex, and no one can make me jog up in barn attire at my Rolex.

Looking back through other N3DE’s, everyone’s jog-up attire seems to fall somewhere between “this is what I slept in” and “I was outfitted by the british monarchy”. Fist bumps to those who see this occasion the same way I do. If I’m braiding my horse, I’m not walking out looking like a hobo. That’s all I’m saying. Plus pictures. Everyone knows the pictures are the most important part. And everyone also knows that if you look supafly, you look more competent. I would love to fool people into thinking I’m competent, even if only for a few minutes.

Although eventers aren’t really known for being fashion mavens, the jogs always seem to be a whole ‘nother world entirely. Everyone seems to have a style that they prefer, ranging from

sleek and professional

to conservative

to dressy

to BRAVE (all white AND heels!)

to suicidal

to a pop of color

to badass

to a bold print

to avant garde

to looking like you’re definitely sponsored by Dubarry

to channeling Sharon White because you effin LOVE orange

to a human kite

Wait… nix that last one. Don’t do that.

Obviously there is a wide range of styles, from dresses to pants, plain to colorful, boots to heels, bold to conservative. I know what I like, but what’s your preference? This is the fun part.

As for me, rest assured that navy and yellow will be involved. There will be no dresses and no heels. And no, I am not afraid of yellow pants. Or yellow blazers.

jogoutfit1 jogoutfit2




37 thoughts on “Jog Outfits (aka the fun part)

  1. I already think that those two example outfits are totes perfect. I’d say you could totally rock either the yellow blazer or the yellow pants, but maybe not both 😉 (more power to you if you can though!) I think any one who goes with heels for a jog is nuts and asking for a rolled ankle, because that is definitely what would happen to me. It’s probably the equestrian in me, but I love the tall boots over a nice pair of dark pants! No white!


  2. Love love love the blazer! Plus the boots protect your toes just a little bit more. I don’t know about Henry but my guy sometimes forgets he has feet and steps on me. The last thing you probably want are broken toes on your Rolex! Boo!

    Blazer and boots all the way!


  3. The N3D at Rebecca is my goal for next year and I already have job outfits picked out. That is until I find something new and exciting between now and then. One piece of advise we were given this year (I groomed for a T3D competitor at Rebecca) was to have your legs contrast your horses legs.


  4. LOVE both of the outfits you’ve picked out, I think they would look most excellent in pictures. I also think it’s cool that you’re repping your eventing colors in your jog outfit….I feel like most riders don’t do that 😉 you fashionista, you!

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  5. Holy Jeebus, how does anyone RUN IN HEELS?!??! That looks like a fantastic way to sprain an ankle. Or have your foot crushed. Or have a crushed foot AND a sprained ankle. Also, who wears a skirt or dress to the barn? I can barely wear a dress to a wedding. My brain just cannot even process the idea of wearing one near a horse.


  6. The hell? Whoever thought it was a great idea to run in heels (especially THOSE heels) needs to break one while running. So I can laugh. And feel kind of bad. Well, maybe not. Sorrynotsorry.

    P.S. You need some splash of unicorn on your outfit.


  7. Ohhh yes! I love both options- perhaps the blazer if it’s going to be chilly? Love that you are taking the jog seriously, because honestly, how often will we ever get photos jogging our horses?


  8. I also like the blazer. I love the look you called out as avant garde; that jacket is so interesting!

    While I love the occasion to have a spiffy outfit, I know that they’d catch me with the stupidest face ever while jogging…


  9. haha i love it! i’m certainly no fashion maven myself either, but i think it’s important to dress for the occasion. it’s just part and parcel of taking the event seriously. plus pictures 😉


  10. Haha! Laughed out loud at this. What’s up with the human kite there! Ahhhh!
    And the Dubarry one was just. Too much.

    I’ll be doing something like this in September. Doubt I’ll look as stylish… As any of these…


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