Coping mechanisms and selfies

When things start getting stressful or overwhelming in my life, riding is usually my coping mechanism. A canter truly is the cure for every evil, along with a dash of pony kisses and a pinch of barn buddy camaraderie.

The way he meets me at the gate when he sees me coming gives me many feels. ❤ Secret: he just wants cookies.

So what do you do when you can’t ride?

Obvious answer #1 is shopping for horse stuff. Tack ho tendencies and all that. The sad thing about being a poor tack ho is that it’s really hard to ho tack when you ain’t got no money. Since all of my cash lately has been going to horse shows, the only things I’ve bought are cookies and fly spray. Boring. Well, I did order an Airowear Outlyne from Riding Warehouse, and although they’re amazing for special ordering navy for me (if you ever want a color/size of something that isn’t in stock, just ask!!), it’s gonna take 4-6 weeks to come in. No instant gratification. Plus the SO is buying it for me for my birthday so it could actually be AUGUST before I get to hold it in my hands, pet it, and cuddle it. That’s not helpful at all in coping with life.

Obvious answer #2 is food. I love to eat my feelings, they’re delicious. Especially when they’re hiding in the bottom of a big vat of queso or baked into something chocolate. Unfortunately this can only go on for so long before your breeches start getting tight, and lord knows I can’t afford to replace those. Delicious as you’ve been lately, feelings hidden in food, I’m afraid it’s time to back off.

I guess that leaves me with non-riding pony time, since I can’t think of anything else to do besides eating and shopping. Non-riding pony time consists of such fun activities such as hand grazing, foot picking, ointment slathering, mud dingleberry untangling, explaining the Novice dressage test to Henry, cookie stuffing, and selfies.

because Henry selfies are pretty great

On the plus side, I’ve learned that Henry likes strawberry Pop-Tarts. Maybe he likes to eat his feelings too?



23 thoughts on “Coping mechanisms and selfies

  1. Now I’m even MORE looking forward to Devon cheese fries tonight!! Nommmm. When I can’t ride I also groom even more thoroughly and obsessively than normal, which is a little frightening. I hope it dries up for you soon!!


    1. Henry isn’t a fan of being groomed or doted on. He tolerates very light currying for a once-over, then after that he starts saying he might kick my face in. That’s fair, I’d probably be the same way.


  2. If I couldn’t ride for some reason Tucker would be the best groom horse on the property and my tack locker would probably be very organized. Luckily we have an indoor arena for then the weather is crap.
    I hope there is sun and dry weather in your near future!


  3. Congrats on the Airowear. I am currently in vest hell right now. I am waiting for the Airowear and Kontact to arrive in my size to try them. I tried what I hope is the wrong size in the Airowear and it was very uncomfortable. I’m hoping that the right size will be better. I think I then want to order it in custom colors so yeah, no instant gratification!

    I did however fall in love with the CO JL9. But, not BETA 3. Although still better than the Tipp. So I guess I’m in a quandry if I don’t like the Outlyne.

    And who doesn’t like strawberry poptarts!? Here’s to no more rain for TX!


  4. I am so sick of mud. Kansas rain level has not touched Texas rain level, but we just start to dry up in most places, then it rains a few more days in a row. Mud is just such a nuisance.


  5. Feeling the “no riding” pain. There’s only so much grooming, shopping, and eating one can do before going insane. Hope it dries up soon!


  6. ugh… hang in there! non riding pony time is kinda the pits (esp since my mare is equally disinclined toward endless grooming sessions…). goofy pics help tho 🙂


  7. I feel your pain. Recently my “food coping” is by going to whole foods. You can get fun healthy things that seem indulgent (because you just sold your soul to pay for it)


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