I hate this place and want to move

I think if you go by the Kubler-Ross model for the 5 stages of grief, I’m waffling back and forth between anger and depression right now. Texas is on it’s last straw with me. First was a horrible many-years-long drought, then wildfires, then rattlesnake epidemics, now floods. I don’t know why Mother Nature hates this place but I’m about done with it. It seems like all we have is 100 degrees or pouring rain. WHY is there never nice weather in this godforsaken slice of the world? Someone find me a decent horse related job somewhere else, please. But little to no snow… that’s the caveat.

Seriously though – on Friday when I changed my Texas Rose entry to Novice instead of Beginner Novice, it was actually a little invigorating. I started having all these grandiose plans and ideas. Like fitness plans with trot and canter sets.

Or swimming

And was excitedly perusing my new dressage test, mapping it out in my mind and taking note of things to work on before the show.

Possible funnel cloud west of Cedar Creek
Or tornadoes, that’s pretty close to dressage

I even spent an afternoon looking at all the video I could find from Texas Rose’s Novice XC course, getting all kinds of pumped.

Raining 20″ in 3 weeks is not ok

Needless to say, now I don’t even know if I’ll really get to ride my horse at all before Texas Rose. Luckily he’s a trooper and it worked out ok with Corona. I guess I should be counting my blessings that I got to ride 3 days in a row last week. Even if we can’t ride much before TR he should still be good to go (thank god for a thoroughbred), but man… I’m so over this. It seems like I’ve got nothing to do on this blog anymore except whine about the weather because, well, that’s all that’s been happening since November. I feel so sorry for everyone that is having to keep and care for horses and horse property in this weather. It’s become an impossible task. Especially since Henry pees constantly and his stall is a perpetual swamp no matter how hard you try to keep it clean. Any suggestions for helping keep his feet dry, since it seems they’ll be stallbound for quite a while longer? I’m starting to worry about abscesses and soft soles.

On a less whiney note, Brandy and I at least got to go out on a road hack Monday morning before the monster storms blew in.

I’m about to give up on blogging except for horse show recaps, because that’s really the only thing that ever happens anymore. There are only so many pictures you can take while walking around on the roads. I have several review posts that need to happen but I’m waiting on professional pictures… they were supposed to be here a week ago but so far nada. Anyone have any blog post or review requests?

To add insult to injury, my $550 that was stolen from my account with a fraudulent card will apparently take up to 2 weeks to be returned to my account. That’s a really great thing to have happen right before all my bills are due and we’re about to head to a show.

When it rains it pours. See what I did there? Ba-dum-tss.

Texas sucks.

36 thoughts on “I hate this place and want to move

  1. The weather is the #1 reason why I only stayed in Austin for 3 years 😉

    Here’s hoping you and Henry (try to) stay dry! I’m sure you guys will kick ass at TR, even if you don’t get to ride beforehand. And I’m so sorry about the $550, that sucks in the worst way.


  2. Suck. We haven’t had any rain here for the last few weeks, which is making the ground super hard and not so fun. Move to Virginia? Bring some (good god not all) rain with you? 🙂


  3. Aww, that is awful. All the pictures I saw look terrible. I hadn’t considered how everyone’s horses were faring with all the flooding. So sad 😦
    I hope that despite the terrible weather, you manage to do well at your show!


  4. Man I’ve been so worried about all my TX and OK bloggers and friends… it’s awful there right now. One tip I can give you for keeping Henry’s feet from turning to mush – Keratex Hoof Gel (not the hardener). It is supposed to lock out the moisture and it definitely works. You paint it on (soles too), every day the first week and then about three times a week or as needed. Tucker has soft feet and it really helps keep them together if it’s muddy/snowy or he’s stuck in his stall a lot.


  5. I can’t believe how much weather you guys are getting! If you don’t mind switching to polo (And the god awful shipping fees), you can move to Hawaii and be a polo groom. There’s not much else there in the form of disciplines though. But no snow!


  6. I guess I’m just rolling with it, but only because I don’t have any shows scheduled. Plus, we’ve been fairing pretty well in our little corner of the world – barn is still dry (thank goodness for berms) and we can still do roadwork no matter how wet it is. Sure, walking up and down the street 5x/day gets a little old, but it’s better than nothing. And I’m getting caught up on house projects, so there’s that!

    If all else fails, I suggest wine. 🙂


  7. Ugghhh seriously sucks about the money! That’s tough. As for keeping feet dry – can you get bedding pellets? I use a mix of bedding pellets and shavings for Maggie because she pees like a racehorse even though she’s far from it. I layer the pellets underneath the shavings. They’re super absorbent. For blog content – I really enjoy your ‘current events’ commentary like the safety issues (vests, helmets) etc.


  8. Oregon! It rains but doesn’t flood; proximity to CA means you can go to bigger events but don’t have to live day-to-day with drought & crazy hay prices; Rebecca Farm is pretty close; snow is rare; summers are gorgeous; Portland.


  9. yikes i have been so worried for everyone in Texas. This has been insane. And it sucks on the money issue. They had no problem letting that jerk access your money makes no sense why once they know it is fraud they dont put it right back in. HATE.

    Hope the sun starts shining soon there….


  10. Or you can move to Northern California – We have WONDERFUL weather, not too hot, never cold, low humidity – just be ready to pay $3,500 a month to rent a house (and I cry…) Oh, and we have that little drought issue….


  11. I lived in Houston while attending Rice. The weather was hard to take even when we weren’t plagued with monsoon rains and extended droughts.

    Speaking for NC / SC – just stay away from the coasts, where extreme weather is the norm. I think mid-state (NC) has reasonably sane conditions and plenty of eventing and dressage barns + activities.


  12. it just seems so unfair that all your bad weather is hitting right when everything is gearing up for the ‘good season.’ our winter up here really really (really really really) sucked this year, but at least everyone around here was kinda in the same boat and we weren’t missing out on much…


  13. Well crap. All of that sounds like no fun! As for feet, we put the Vettec equipac gel pad on her feet because she has soft thin soles and gets ouchy real fast. She loves her new feet. It would most certainly lock out all of the moisture, but I would call it a big gun if you really needed it. Good luck with everything!


  14. Move to NC!!! I live in Vermont but live in NC for the winter with some friends from up here. Best thing ever, you can ride every day, not too many scary bug or snakes and its all horse people!


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