Ammy Hour and random ramblings

First – thanks to Sprinkler Bandit for asking me to be in her awesome Ammy Hour series! Such a cool idea. If you’re feeling particularly masochistic today, you can go read all about me here.


Otherwise it’s been kind of a boring week for me. I had a jumping lesson on Wednesday night in lovely 60 degree weather that went pretty well, and then tried to do a dressage ride yesterday. It was really cold (38) and I was thinking that if all these other bloggers can talk about riding in 15 and 20 degree weather, surely I could suck it up and handle the upper 30’s. It was also really windy and honestly, it was misery. Henry felt awful, I felt awful, and the whole experience in general was awful. How do you northerners do this? I do not get it. I’m opting out today and bowing down to all those who are obviously tougher than I.

Otherwise I’m just getting all my stuff ready to leave for Europe on Monday. So excited! I think and hope I’ve gotten everything that I need, all I have left to do is pack. It’s actually warmer there today than it is here…


And yes, I might have already had the tack shop in Paris put something on hold for me to pick up while I’m there. International tack ho.

NORTON “Competition” tendon + fetlock boots setNORTON “Competition” tendon + fetlock boots set

25 thoughts on “Ammy Hour and random ramblings

  1. Really cool Ammy Hour! And yeah, the cold sucks and everything sucks. At least we can all agree that it sucks and band together in our mutual suckiness. Those boots that you’re picking up in Paris are ahhhh-mazing!


  2. I completely did not ride yesterday. I was at work late as it was, and I’m sure Eli didn’t mind skipping out on riding in cold wet windy darkness. I am really beginning to understand the whole indoor thing now.


  3. If we didn’t ride in the 30s and 20s then we wouldn’t ride all winter :(. You get used to it after a while – to the point that the 30s feels absolutely amazing, and the 40s feels like summer. That being said, I can’t ride in the 10s. It’s just too cold for me.


  4. LOVED the Ammy Hour post 😉
    Soooooo excited for your trip to Europe!! You’ll have the best time. And I’m not surprised at all that you had the tack shop put something on hold for you. International tack ho’ing FTW, yo.


  5. I think our jobs IRL may be somewhat affiliated. I work for a company that manufactures the batteries that power the tools for downhole drilling applications and O&G pipeline inspection. Small world!


  6. I’d kill for 30. That said, a windy and cloudy or rainy 30 sucks way more than a sunny and beautiful 15 or 20 degrees. Truthfully. I’d always rather have a lovely nice sunny day, no matter the cold temperature or amount of snow.

    Of course, I’m the person who will heat stroke out at 70*. So, take that with a grain of salt.


  7. Having had the luxury of spending 5 years in Hawaii and a year in San Antonio, I was NOT prepared for bipolar Kansas winters! My blood is THIN! Chloe is less that amused when the wind is blowing, the temps are below the 40s and I haul the saddle out…she’s been known to give me the stink eye and walk away from me in the pasture.


  8. Hey, those Notherners don’t ride in our heat and humidity! Does Texas have humidity? I’m just gonna assume that it does, because that makes it harder. You can always warm up, but it’s a bitch to cool down.

    Have fun in Europe! I want the details on this tack shop! Bon voyage!


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