Weekend recap: crazy days

We leave today for Europe, which meant that my weekend was nuts. Unfortunately the package I ordered from Amazon with 2-day shipping that was supposed to arrive on Wednesday didn’t make it because of weather delays. Even though it was ON THE TRUCK for delivery on Friday. And even though I PASSED THE TRUCK two blocks from my house on the way home. Getting an email a couple hours later saying that it couldn’t be delivered due to “emergency weather conditions” was pretty irritating, especially considering it was 34 degrees and barely misting rain. There was zero impact on travel. Getting an email a few minutes later saying delivery rescheduled to Monday afternoon was even more irritating. Cue some very unhappy and fruitless phone calls after which I still had none of my stuff, so I got to spend all day Saturday driving around town buying everything I needed at the last minute and spending 3x as much money in the process. Ask me how much I love UPS right now.

I was almost as sad as Delia was when she was taking a nap and Stewie laid down on top of her

But I did have time on Friday night to swing by the blogger meet-up, which was fun (and yay – swag). It’s nice to put faces with blogs and names and horses. Sadly that was the only time I was able to meet up with the group the entire time, because see title. Thanks everyone for putting it together, and sorry I couldn’t participate more. Next time! Also I took no pictures of the actual meet-up, because I fail at meet-ups. But I did take this picture of my contribution to said meet-up: a giant vat of queso and some blackberry pear cider. Pretty sure I hit all the major food groups.

After I spent most of Saturday shopping, Brandy and my SO and I went to an indoor cycling charity event and sweated our butts off for an hour to benefit a dog rescue. These are the kinds of things you end up doing on a Saturday evening when you make the mistake of befriending your favorite spin instructor. The venue was a new fancy place that has new fancy bikes that “turn” and lean and show you your RPM’s and your distance and all that kind of stuff. Wizardry and Magic and all that jazz. Really it just means that they’re harder to ride and make your entire body work to stabilize it, thus making your abs hurt the next day.

After our sweaty spin session we naturally had to replace the calories we burned by stuffing our faces with food and drink, then I went home and immediately fell dead asleep. Seriously I don’t even think it was 10pm yet. Sunday was laundry and errands and packing and running by the barn to say bye to this handsome face:

He watched me walk away and it just about broke my heart. I can’t help but wonder if he was watching me leave because he didn’t want me to go, or if he was watching me leave to make sure I was actually gone before he started celebrating his vacation. Whatever. I’ll opt to believe the first one.

And of course now I’m very slowly getting ready to head to the airport. See you in 16ish hours, Brussels! If I’m able to log on and at least post a few pictures I will, otherwise sorry in advance for the silence. I’ll make up for it with lots of pony pictures when I get back. If the weather hasn’t improved by the time I return I’m moving somewhere horrible but warm, like Florida or California.

Adios amigos.

26 thoughts on “Weekend recap: crazy days

  1. YAY been waiting for this post. HAVE A blast and maybe by the time you get back it will be Spring everywhere (PLEASE as i crawl on my hands and knees to get the dogs out this am on all the ice outside our door today). If it isnt when you get back I am ready to move too.

    Have fun and post when you can. GRHH On your stuff not arriving. I had 3 deliveries this weekend and 2 made it but the other one was rescheduled for today. OKAY Fed ex/UPS driver have fun on this ice walking up my sidewalk cause I am not doing a darn thing until it warms up out there!

    Poor Henry (think he did a buck or two in happiness after you left) 🙂


  2. No, I’m not jealous or anything. 😉 Have a blast, safe travels and can’t wait to see all the pictures when you return. Henry looks like he may have been begging for extra cookies since you were leaving him forever and ever and ever.


  3. Hi Amanda ! I discovered your blog a few months ago and it’s awesome, I really love following yours and Henry’s story ! It’s the first time I leave a comment on your blog but I see that you’re coming to Brussels (where I live) and I wanted to tell you that if you need some advice, you should definitely not hesitate to ask, I’d be happy to help! :o) (I know it’s a bit late, but I hadn’t checked your blog in a while…)
    Have a great trip!
    PS I hope you packed warm clothing…!


    1. Hi Beryl! I won’t be in Brussels much, we fly in and go directly to Paris for two days, then back to Brussels for one day, then Gesves for 3 days. Are they any awesome tack shops in Brussels?


      1. I don’t know if it’s really awesome compared to what you must have in the US..but there’s a cool place in Nivelles (about 20min south of Brussels) (http://www.selleriegilbert.com their website kinda sucks but you can check if they have the brands you like) and I guess there must be some nice tack shops near Gesves as well!
        I wish you a great time! 🙂


  4. Have a fun and safe trip!
    Of course, none of my fun online shopping packages have made it here… but the bill for my taxes from my accountant did.


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