Weekend recap: and we’re off!

As I type this post we’re currently on the road on the way to Arkansas for vacation. A few days of mountain biking and hiking with the dogs awaits! I know for sure I won’t have internet but I should have decent enough cell signal for a post or two, but be prepared for a little radio silence on my end.


This weekend was pretty awesome. Most of Saturday was spent running around getting things ready for our trip. Sunday we went XC schooling at the venue where we’re doing our first event (Nov 22-23, it’s happening!). We had a couple of not so very confidence building lessons with old trainer that we’re still recovering from, so I wasn’t sure how it’d go. Aside from a little bit of “you want me to jump off of WHAT?!?” at the big bank down of death, he was fantastic. Very bold in general and jumped a lot of Novice fences. Hopefully I’ll have pics to share sometime this week!

He’ll get a couple of trainer rides this week and a friend is riding him in a dressage lesson, so he’ll be well taken care of while I’m gone.


Hope everyone has a good week! I’ll try to keep up with everyone’s blogging as best I can.

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