It’s New Stuff Day!

Also known as pretty much the best day ever.

My new Ogilvy that I bought myself for my birthday has finally arrived (because addiction means never having just one). This one has a much more dirt friendly color scheme… no light colors to show dirt and make me crazy. Greige with navy trim and chocolate piping.


Now the pretty navy one with white and baby blue trim can be reserved for special occasions.

And also my Fauxgilvy (or so I have dubbed it) shipped today too. I needed a half pad that fit under my dressage saddle, but didn’t really want to buy a THIRD Ogilvy, so I found a seller on Etsy that makes a similar style pad. It won’t get used nearly as much so hopefully it’ll work for a while until I am rich enough ready for another Ogilvy. The cool thing about this one is that it’s reversible, so one side is all black (for schooling) and the other side is white with black trim and french blue piping (for show – to match my coat). Fingers crossed it’s decent!


My stirrup leathers came yesterday for my dressage saddle so I’m finally complete on dressage accessories. Thank goodness because it was getting really old having to switch my stirrups and leathers back and forth between saddles. AND, my Majyk Equipe XC boots should arrive today. It’s like Christmas (albeit not as fun because I had to pay for everything) around here this week.

I think we (dare I say it?) are pretty much fully equipped for our new venture. For now. Anyone wanna buy me an air vest? Cuz I ain’t got no more monies…



28 thoughts on “It’s New Stuff Day!

  1. The word greige wasn’t appealing to me, but I absolutely love the color. One of these days I’ll buy an Ogilvy. When I’m not poor, though I doubt that will ever happen. LOL


  2. Hmmm…I am in the market for a new half pad as its time for my thinline to be retired. Amanda, could you message me which etsy seller you got the reversible pad from?


  3. I finally got my Ogilvy pad a week ago, 8 weeks after ordering it. 🙂 It’s a gummy pad, so I’m interested to try it out with my perfectly fitting saddle vs. the regular foam version which I already have and is a bit much. Your color combo is lovely.


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