Weekend recap: finding the balance

I have to admit that I’m one of those people that tends to get so one-tracked that sometimes I forget anything else exists. This weekend I took some time to hang out with the SO, relax, and let my mind go elsewhere.  Some delicious blackberry pear cider helped it on it’s journey.


We were also dog sitting for SO’s sister. Her dogs are hilarious, but having 4 dogs in this house (a Chiweenie, a JRT mix, a Pit mix, and a GSD mix) was a lot. They provided us with a lot of entertainment though.

Chiweenie side eye. The poster in the background is quite appropriate.

I did still manage to ride Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and mostly body clip Henry. He’s not a big fan of having his legs and belly done so we’ll probably have to have the vet come give him sleepy juice for me to finish. In the mean time he looks a little goofy.

Patchwork Pony don’t care

My first jumping lesson with my new trainer was unfortunately postponed, but hopefully it’ll happen sometime this week instead. I did get to try on Henry’s new Magyk Equipe XC boots and they fit great. Many thanks to Riding Warehouse for the super fast shipping… as usual, a great experience. Love those guys! And I couldn’t resist PS of Sweden’s awesome weekend sale on their quarter sheet. It’s navy, it’s wool, it’s fancy, and it’s $60 with shipping? I never stood a chance…


One of these days I’ll have pictures or video of me actually on my horse. I swear it really does happen.

This post needs more tongue

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