The end is nigh

I can only assume that the Apocalypse is coming.

Because I had a dressage lesson on Tuesday night.

And I didn’t hate it.

In fact… it was almost… enjoyable.


Well not quite THAT enjoyable, but still… I didn’t hate it, and that scares me. A lot.

dressage pony is ready to fancy prance

Also, I officially joined USEA. It’s happening.


I’ve had the chance to use the PS of Sweden bridle a bit more this week and I’m really digging it. I’ve finally gotten everything adjusted and configured exactly how I want it. The noseband snap already has me ruined for life… I keep trying to snap the nosebands on my other bridles now and feel sorely disappointed when I realize they don’t have one. However, I’m already really tired of having to switch my bit back and forth between bridles so if you have a Nathe or HS Duo bit for sale let me know!

He looks so thrilled because I was making him late for dinner



I have made zero progress on 2pointober. I haven’t even worked on it, aside from our usual conditioning ridesย which I mostlyย do in 2point anyway. Is there an award for Least Improved? I might even backslide off my baseline time considering I’ll be out of town the whole last week of the month…

27 thoughts on “The end is nigh

  1. I’m loving this. It’s like a bet. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Psst! The PS of Sweden bridle looks pretty freaking fancy on your pony. I’m impressed with how well it fits!


  2. I’m seriously enjoying seeing you slowly start to enjoy all of the dressage stuff. I never liked dressage when I was doing my working student program, just wanted to do enough to be able to jump all things. Then I tore the ligaments in my thumb and couldn’t hold the reins for six weeks due to the stupid splint they made me wear. I had six weeks of lunge and (one handed) vaulting lessons After that, dressage came much easier to me and I began to love it. It sneaks up on you like that.


    1. Funny, because I had a lot of dressage lessons in my lifetime back when I spent several years eventing. Maybe this particular horse just makes things a little easier.


      1. I would think that Henry would definitely be fun to ride in any discipline, he’s an awesome horse! In the videos I’ve seen, you look like you’ve done a lot of dressage (didn’t mean to imply that you hadn’t), but I think it’s really cool that you are enjoying it more ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I really hated dressage until it started clicking… now sometimes I like it more than jumping ๐Ÿ˜ก who woulda thought….

    that bridle is very interesting, I’ve never seen one before. I need to look into it…


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