Blog Hop: What’s in a name?

Yay for blog hops! This time Hand Gallop asked: What’s the origin of your horse’s show name and barn name?


Even though I don’t talk about Sadie much here since she’s leased out, I’ll cover both ponies.

I bred Sadie myself, so I picked her names from the beginning. Her sire is the stallion Westporte so I knew I wanted something with West. The finalists were Westbound and West Hollywood but I really prefer one word names, so Westbound won out. For a barn name I picked out a few, depending on sex. If it was a colt it was going to be Bodie, no questions asked. If it was a filly it was either going to be Stella or Sadie. I picked Bodie because it’s a gold-mining ghost town in Cali and you can’t get more “western” that that. Stella was a character from the series Rough Rider Weekly, and Sadie was the nickname of Wyatt Earp’s wife. Obviously I had way too much time to think about names while I was waiting for her to be born. Once she was here Stella didn’t really seem to fit her, so Sadie it was.

Sadie’s sire in a top hat. You’re welcome.

Henry was a little trickier. His registered name is He’salmostsweet, because he was born the day before Valentine’s Day. When I bought him his barn name was Jerry. I have nothing against all the Jerry’s in the world but I just don’t think it’s a good name for a horse, so for the first day or so his name was NotJerry. I thought there was something about his eyes that made him seem like a sweet old soul, so I looked through old fashioned men’s names and really liked Henry. I was going to tie that into a show name of Fairlane (like Henry Ford, Ford Fairlane… SO is a big classic car nut) but there were so many crazy circumstances that fell into place juuuust right when I bought him that Happenstance seemed more appropriate. It’s a more popular name but it fits the whole situation so well I just couldn’t pass it up.

Henry when he was Jerry
Henry when he was still Jerry

21 thoughts on “Blog Hop: What’s in a name?

  1. Top hat on a stallion, FTW! I think I may need to find a mini top hat for Prisoner, because why not? Also, I went to Bodie as a kid on a road trip to see family in SoCal, it was pretty awesome!


  2. I agree that Jerry doesn’t fit him at all. It’s fun to find out people’s thought process behind their horse’s name.


  3. i might have to start calling him NotJerry. Fairlane is a terrific name. happenstance is great, too! i bet you’ve already picked out your foal’s name!


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