In which we pretend we’re eventers

Some of the super cool eventer folk at my barn started making a few cross country jumps around the property (I hereby volunteer to help make more!) and I of course can’t resist anything that looks like it might be fun to jump over. So last night I dug out my old XC vest and took The Beast out for an adventure.

We started small with a teeny little ramp, which he was not so very impressed about. Then we moved on to the bigger pile of rail road ties. He wasn’t that impressed with those either, but it did inflate his ego enough to where the last time over it he did a gleeful gallop away then promptly spooked at a pole sitting by the arena fence. Sadly there isn’t video of that part but trust me it was funny. It was kind of a “I am HENRY, conqueror of all things! Ahhhhh, horse eating pole, run away!” type of moment.

HenryXC1 from amanda chance on Vimeo.

Then we walked over to the skinny log jump. It’s hard to tell on the video but the approach makes for a pretty narrow jump, with a tree trunk on one side and lots of bushy weedy stuff on the other. Henry marched over towards it feeling more and more excited with himself. I let him walk past it a couple times to get a good look at the takeoff and landing (there was little room for error in either direction due to the width). When I cantered to it I could feel him just light up. And the more he jumped it, the more proud of himself he got.

HenryXC2 from amanda chance on Vimeo.

By the time we were done he STRUTTED back to the barn like he just won Rolex. I couldn’t help but laugh at him, Henry rarely looks excited about anything that isn’t edible. Pretty sure he told all his horse friends that William Fox-Pitt was coming to pick him up tomorrow and take him to WEG.

He’ll be available for autograph signing this weekend, cuz he’s a pretty big deal y’all. Those three little XC jumps feel totally conquered by the great and powerful Henry.

Maybe there will be a few baby events in his future to add a little levity to our jumper lifestyle?

37 thoughts on “In which we pretend we’re eventers

    1. I wish I had an entourage. 😛 My friend Amy likes to take pictures/video so she usually comes out a time or two every week to play with the ponies and her camera. I love her.


  1. Looks so fun!!! Max and I did a starter trial once (we’re hunters at heart) and it was actually super lax and fun! It was a nice change – I’d recommend it 🙂


  2. XC is the most fun ever, especially for my horse, who is this nice calm dressage diva until we go xc and she turns into a leaping, snorting, bucking monster. A monster who jumps everything with gusto, so I don’t moan. Well worth the occasional near-death experience, and I find that the horses find xc jumps less scary than the humans do; probably because they’re usually not colourful.


  3. Funnn videos! If a picture is worth a thousand words. . . your videos got me thinking. . . maybe one day, after I find my next horse, I could try a mini-event. You guys make the XC fences look so simple, fun, not like death traps. I too have a thing about fences that don’t fall if they get hit. Cool stuff. And I saw your DIY makeover of the riding helmet. Very Martha Stewart meets HGTV. Impressive!


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