Weekend recap: OUCH and YAY!

First the YAY… guess who gets to go to Georgia to visit her favorite squishable at Rising Star Farm in a few weeks? Valentino, I’m coming for you!!! I’ll also be there for the sBs (Belgian Sporthorse) inspection. Pretty excited, should be a fun few days.

my favorite Squishy!

There’s really nothing else noteworthy from my weekend. Henry’s feet are looking pretty long and overgrown so I decided to just take it easy until the farrier comes on Tuesday. We went for a long trail ride on Saturday morning but that’s the only riding I did.

So where’d the OUCH come from you might ask? Cyclocross practice. Rear tire slid out on dead grass, I went down hard on the left hip and wrist. Yesterday the wrist hurt the most, today my entire body hurts the most. As long as I don’t move or breathe it’s ok. Seriously, why do my ribs hurt on the right side? What the hell? I’m starting to feel like I no longer bounce the way I did when I was younger.

Before I ate shit. Please note the awesome pink duct tape on the front fork that's holding my cabling in place.
Before I ate shit. Please note the awesome pink duct tape on the front fork that’s holding my cabling in place.

The only other particularly fun thing that happened this weekend: fuchsia hair. We won’t even talk about how long it took my OCD self to do that. Oh yeah, and the new season of Doctor Who was pretty exciting too.

sorry bout the awkward selfie, it’s hard to take hair pictures

Also a big smoochy thank you to Hillary for the birthday present! How awesome is this new belt from Mango Bay? I’m in love, the pattern is gorgeous.



23 thoughts on “Weekend recap: OUCH and YAY!

  1. Your hair looks awesome!!!

    At least a bike is closer to the ground that a horse….? Although the ground is probably harder than arena footing. Hope you’re ouch-free soon!


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