Yup, I’m obsessed

I will have you
Yes, I will have you
I will find a way and I will have you
You are an obsession
You’re my obsession

That’s enough 80’s music for one morning. You’re all welcome for having that song stuck in your head the rest of the day.

Last month the obsession was PS of Sweden’s gorgeous bridles. I did end up ordering one although they’re backordered til September. Sad face.

This month’s obsession is Aztec Diamond Equestrian. I’ve mentioned them on here before, briefly touching on their super cute breeches with a unicorn on the butt (everyone needs more butticorns in their life). I’d been planning on checking them out eventually, mostly because they’re styled very similarly to my beloved Animo breeches but with a MUCH more reasonable price tag. Then they posted this picture on Facebook and boom it was done. Insert intense grabby hands times a million.


Those are their black tone on tone Houndstooth Luxe breeches. Of course being black they won’t go with my brown boots, but I will happily wear my black ones sometimes just so I can rock this beautiful creatures. GET IN MY CLOSET.


Wanna know the best part? Here’s the great thing about ordering from overseas when you live in the US… usually the prices you see on their websites include VAT. VAT is 20%. We’re exempt from VAT. Know what that means? They’re instantly 20% off! Logic, I has it. These beautiful creatures come in at only around $138, and these are their second most expensive model! The Butticorn and adorable blue birdie ones are only around $110. Of course shipping is a little more than we’d pay here, but it’s not that bad especially if you can sucker someone into splitting an order with you.

Since I was already ordering the breeches I decided to throw in some socks too. I always need good socks. They’re not nylon, they’re cute, and they’re $8. Yup, in the cart they go.


I’m so excited. Fingers (and toes) crossed that I like the breeches and the fit works. I’m in love with the styling and would be absolutely thrilled to find something I like as much as Animo but for a lot less money. If I like them it’ll be buh-bye TS, hello closet full of ADE!

24 thoughts on “Yup, I’m obsessed

  1. I may have a plan to make the bird butt breeches work for me. It involves cotton tights and a winter-only designation. The breeches you ordered are going to look SO amazing!!


  2. I love these as well, but would be skeered to bite the bullet since I have no idea how they would fit! So…definitely report back. Also when you say shipping wasn’t “bad” are we talking like…$30?


    1. Yeah, right around $30. Seems like everything I’ve bought from EU has cost me between $25-40 for shipping so that’s about right. Hence why it’d be better if you could get people to split an order with you. We’ll see how these work out!


  3. I have the butticorn breeches in grey and I LOVE. They fit AMAZING, the fabric is super nice, and the grey is really cool, it looks like a nice grey in natural light, but in artificial light, they almost look like a steely blue/grey color. As soon as they roll out their tan ones I will be ordering mucho more!


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