coats and bridles and big butts, oh my!

Today is a very random smattering of thoughts, so hold on to your seats and try to stay with my very ADD mind.

First, BellEqui (which you may remember from this Small Business Spotlight) revealed a sneak peek of their new coat colors on facebook. I thought this was too cool not to share. Loving the royal blue and the purple.



Second, I’m still on the strugglebus as far as how I feel about the Micklem. While he’s not going behind the bit in it, he also feels much less supple in it/borderline resistant, so I’m trying to figure out how I feel about all that. In essence I feel like I’ve kind of traded one problem for another, but maybe with more time he’d settle in? He does seem to prefer it with the french link eggbutt (of course he does, because I think eggbutts are ugly, so combine ugly bit with ugly bridle and YAY thanks Henry) and he did jump pretty well in it on Sunday… it’s the flatwork I’m kind of meh about. I also went by our local Dover to see/feel the brown version and was not very impressed with the quality. Looks and quality-wise I like the Perfect Sit a lot more, but I haven’t had much luck getting info from them on purchasing in the US. So, uh… that makes things difficult. I still want to try him in a figure 8 too and see if it’s that simple. I’m currently in the middle of a hunt for a monocrown figure 8 noseband.



I gave Henry Monday off and did a quick hack yesterday, after which I took him for a short gallop in the field and he gleefully crowhopped his way around. In his mind he’s bucking, but really it’s just enough of a hop to make you giggle. Then he stood there in the barn looking sweaty and pathetic from his 2 minute feat of extreme athleticism and struck his best Quarter Horse pose. I swear his hind end doesn’t really look like that, but I found the picture hilarious. Halter class, anyone?


Today is kind of rainy so we’ll see if I actually get to ride or not!

22 thoughts on “coats and bridles and big butts, oh my!

  1. My 2 cents….a figure eight most likely will not do anything to help this, it is simply a noseband to hold the mouth closed and leave room for breathing. You could try a drop, which will prevent chomping and a lot of horses are more comfortable in them, but if you are worried about aesthetics over function, most people think they are ugly. I personally love the look though. It honestly sounds more like a bit issue than a noseband issue. I would keep at it with the Micklem, and possibly review that it isn’t a training issue, sounds like he doesn’t accept contact. I’ve been through it, and it takes time. Best of luck.


    1. After going through a bajillion bits, I’m down to the 2 he’s liked best. In the Micklem he seems to prefer the eggbutt over the loose ring. For me personally a figure 8 has helped some horses feel more stable in the bridle since it also has the strap across the jaw. I’d like to try it to see what Henry thinks, since a fig 8 would be more simple. My hypothesis is that the Micklem is good o/f because of the flash strap – it keeps him from opening his mouth and rooting. I could be wrong but it’s hard to say without trying the figure 8 for comparison. Otherwise I’m not super sure that I like the Micklem a whole lot more than just his regular bridle the rest of the time. Gonna give it a few more rides. He already has his summer allergy breathing issue so I don’t think having a drop across his nostrils is a good idea.


  2. I would have to disagree with the drop noseband suggestion. esp with what you’ve told me about Henry. Def try to get your hands on a figure 8 🙂


  3. Currently lusting after those jackets! WHY ARE HUNTER RULES SO BORING!? Wish I could give you some bridle insight but I’m totally clueless 😦


  4. I know you said you tried a million bits, so ignore if you’ve tried this already. What about a bit with mixed metal/copper/tastiness? I have 2 french links and Hemie much prefers the “German silver” of the stainless steel.


    1. I tried a couple Mylers with copper inlays, a solid copper loose ring, and a HS (whatever weird metal that is) bit. He was super busy in the copper, not really any different in the other 2.


  5. I sort of missed the bus on this. I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality on the Ovation bridle line if you’re looking to buy something inexpensive and not scary. They do a nice padded monocrown figure eight for under $200, I believe.

    If you’re just wanting to try something and Henry is a midget, I can loan you a cob size figure eight. All I have are teeny bridles anymore, so you’re out of luck here if he’s big.


    1. I actually have a couple ovation bridles and like them a lot. He’s not a midget but not huge – on the smaller end of horse size. So it just depends on the brand really.


  6. If having a euro address delivery for the PS bridle is needed, I’d be happy to help where I can…I also have a swedish speaking (well she is swedish) horsey friend. So if you’ve any questions we can ring them for cheaper from here 😉
    Lemme know by dropping a comment on my blog.

    PS: those jackets are fabdabidozy!


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