TBT: missing my Sadiebug

My mare Sadie is at October Hill right now and was bred to Mezcalero on Tuesday. Fingers crossed for a nice healthy black dot on the ultrasound in a couple weeks! The mare manager said that she is just a doll and loves working with her. Such a little thing, but there’s something about that comment that makes my heart swell with maternal pride… it’s different when you breed one and raise it yourself. Kinda makes me understand how people might feel about 2-legged kids.

Since I’m thinking about Sadie (aka Sadiebug aka Bug) so much today, I thought I’d share some more pictures of her from the past 7 years. Y’all saw some when I introduced her in this post, but obviously I have a ton. Some day I will write a post about the trials and tribulations of breeding and raising your own horse, but that’d be a novel in itself, so for today just enjoy watching our journey in pictures.

June 2006 – she officially exists! Cutest black dot ever.


May 12, 2007 – only a few hours old. She looked like a baby moose.



Two weeks


17 months. We call this the Hardcore Donkey stage.


First time wearing a saddle, coming 2yo


At her RPSI inspection, summer of her 2yo year


The great hock infection incident – late summer of her 2yo year


Fall of her 2yo year – trying to eat her older brother Weston


Coming 3 – 0ff to Kindergarten! 60 days at Dan Keen Horsemanship.


My first time ever riding her (I know, I know, no helmet. I had no idea he was going to let me ride her when I went to visit after the first 30 days, but I couldn’t resist the chance to sit on her.)




Her first big trail ride – only a month after coming back from the breaker. She’s the one in the lead.


Late summer of her 3yo year, hacking out


fall of her 3yo year – first horse show, English Versatility class (sorta half trail class half flat class – she won!)



winter of her 3yo year – first XC school, mainly just trotted tiny logs but she had a blast galloping through and out of the water.


Coming 4yo


Summer of her 4yo year – first o/f show

SadieMeShow  SadieShow5

Fall of her 4yo year – looking more mature


Spring of her 5yo year – first A show


still spring of her 5yo year – first time in the jumper ring (sorry so tiny)


Summer of her 5yo year – schooling bigger fences at home


Coming 6yo


Winter of her 6yo year



And a few months ago, now age 7


Sorry for the MASSIVE photo dump, but hope you enjoyed the nostalgia as much as I did.

36 thoughts on “TBT: missing my Sadiebug

  1. Awww, she’s super pretty! Must be an adventure to breed and raise your own horse, but it seems like it was VERY rewarding and worked out for the best 🙂


  2. There is my girl. 🙂 It seems like just yesterday she was living outside my back door! 🙂 Mark and I were just talking about our farm the other night and when we can move back to Texas. Sending good vibes to Sadie that she becomes a mommy! hope the baby’s ears are as big as her’s were!


      1. actually a horse at my barn has her ears and he is a gelding!! seriously his ears poke out of his fly mask ears they are so long they poked through 🙂 hee

        Mark just applied for a job in TX today I think LOL.

        I can’t imagine what you will be like when Sadie gives birth. I still remember when she was born, you dumped me on the way to the horse show so darn quick! HA 🙂


        1. Priorities, yo.

          YES! I’d be so excited if y’all came back! You need to make sure it’s Austin though, can’t have any of this Dallas or Houston bullshit.


    1. It really is. One of these days I need to organize all of her pictures chronologically… I literally have thousands. Some of which I hadn’t seen in forever until today when I was looking through for pics for this post. 🙂


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