The tack and equipment I use

I’m mainly doing this post as a placeholder for me… I keep intending to do reviews of things and end up forgetting, so maybe this will help. In the meantime if there’s anything on this list that you’d be particularly interested in reading a full review about, let me know and I’ll bump it up to the front of the line.




Saddle – CWD
Bridle – Mark Todd and Ovation
Baby Pads – BobbiGee’s custom and Wilker’s
Half Pad – Ogilvy
Breastplate – Can-Pro and Ovation
Girth – Professional’s Choice
Stirrups – Royal Rider Flex
Stirrup leathers – Schleese


Boots – Tekna and Chetak
Blankets – Amigo and Schneider’s
Coolers – Dover’s Honeycomb Chill Chaser and Wool Dress Sheet
Halter – SmartPak Wellfleet and Dover Suffolk
Grooming supplies – The Ultimate Hoofpick and Beastie Brushes
Fly Bonnets – Firefly Custom Bonnets
Hay net – Nibblenet slow feeder
Clippers – Lister Star and Andis AGC Super 2 Speed


Helmet – GPA Speed Air
Breeches – Animo and Tailored Sportsman (Trophy Hunter and TS Schooling)
Coat – Horseware Competition Jacket
Shirts – Le Fash, Tredstep Symphony
Boots – Ariat Monaco and Mondoni Kingston
Gloves – Roeckl


I’m probably forgetting many things, but that’s what I can come up with off the top of my head. There’s also a lot of stuff I’ve had in the past that I could review if anyone was interested – Equifit T-boots, Animo jacket/polo shirts, Ariat Volants, Edgewood bridle, Thinline Trifecta, Oster Clipmasters, etc. Considering I’ve only actually done ONE review, I better get busy…

15 thoughts on “The tack and equipment I use

  1. Is that Horseware jacket the $100 one? I’d like to know more about how it wears … I’m balking at buying it because it is only single-vented in the back unlike the more traditional (and better-looking, I think) double-vented jackets. Also, I kind of wish it came in hunter green.


    1. I have a few pictures of me wearing it. Def runs in the more modern euro style, a bit on the shorter side, but not SHORT. I’ll start drafting a review for it and try to get it up this week or early next week.


  2. Sounds like you have a great set up 🙂

    I should have inventoried my stuff while I have been grounded… now it sounds like so much work lol!


  3. I would be interested in the various boots you have for Henry and your helmet. I’m going to be looking at purchasing those items in the next few months for show-only and feel a little lost in the sea of available products :p


  4. I’d read a review of Edgewood bridles. I’m trying to help someone find a bridle and we’re looking at those but I haven’t had much exposure to them in person. I love tack reviews in general though, so I’ll read whatever you post!


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