Weekend Recap and way too many pictures

I actually think this might be the best weekend I’ve had in a while. Saturday morning I was up bright and early to go ride Henry. He seemed a little confused when I pulled him out of his ovcrnight turnout at 7:30am, but once he realized it meant he got breakfast an hour earlier he was totally down with my plan. It also was his first Guinness with breakfast, which I think it’s safe to say he enjoyed…



We did flatwork out in the field, and while he was still puffing and sweaty afterward (it was only 78 degrees but 93% humidity), there was a nice breeze that seemed to help keep him cool. Then we walked out around the property, and stopped along the way to say hi to the curious yearling.



I also got to try out my new “junker” cover for my Ogilvy. With how gross and moist and dirty everything has been so far this summer, it was sending my OCD tendencies through the roof about keeping the Ogilvy clean and pretty. So I spent the $40 on a Shedrow knock-off cover, put my Ogilvy inserts in it, and voila – this one can get trashed all it wants and I won’t mind. Plus now I have a different color scheme option which is kinda nice. When the weather is less gross I’ll put my nice Ogilvy cover back on.



Gross and sweaty and I DON’T CARE



I got home from the barn at 10am, which was weird. What do normal people do for basically an entire weekend day? I still don’t really know, because I figured this was a prime opportunity to clean aforementioned gross disgusting stuff. All my tack and my tall boots got a thorough cleaning and conditioning, the result of which I swear is still one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. There’s nothing better than a shiny pretty saddle and nicely polished boots.





Most of what followed was pretty non-horsey. I went to family dinner at my parent’s house and got to see my brother and nephew which was nice. On Sunday my SO was actually off work, so we made a morning out of going to breakfast then Trader Joe’s (they just opened one by my house and I’m SO EXCITED) then the tack shop then the pinball arcade then the comic book store. Out of all those activities this is the only picture I took. Priorities, man.


The weather was pretty mild and it was nicely overcast so I decided Henry would probably be fine with an afternoon ride. When I got to the barn there was no one around therefore I took advantage of the empty ring and did a jump school. All the jumps were really tiny so I had to go around and put them all up. Henry helped.

Mmmm, delicious grassy pole


Wait that’s not grass, it’s FAKE GRASS. I’m insulted, let me wipe my boogers all over it.


I fixed it, you’re welcome.



He schooled well, although I have to admit I’m a bit rusty. We’ve jumped very little this month so it took me a couple tries to actually remember to keep the same pace and go straight. Novel concepts. The pony was super though! Hope everyone else had a nice weekend too.

One last note: MONOGRAM ALL THE THINGS. Happy Monogram Monday, y’all.




12 thoughts on “Weekend Recap and way too many pictures

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I am in desperate need of a tack clean…soon. And I am drooling over that cheesecake…mmmmm cheesecake. 🙂


    1. I’ll do a full review of it once I’ve had it for a couple weeks, but initial impression is pretty good. It’s no Ogilvy of course, but for $40 it’s better than I was expecting. We’ll see how it holds up. Every little bit of sweaty dirt that got on the Ogilvy was giving me heart palpatations… this one, meh, no care.


    1. I wish, I’d never leave. But no, it was breakfast THEN TJ’s. Breakfast at La Madeleine. Which was just kind of ok, I don’t think we’ll be going back. Kerbey Lane is my gold standard.


    1. It’s really totally decent. Wish they had more/better color options, I’d snag another. Unfortunately I already have navy (the real Ogilvy one is navy) and am not particularly a fan of purple, pink, or yellow…


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