“That’s always been there” and other lies

It’s going to have to be a quick one today because I have too much to do and not enough time to do it, but I figured I should at least pop in and do a quick update on what’s happening here. Which is a whole lot but also not much. You know what I mean? Like when you’re very busy with a lot of things but none of them are particularly noteworthy or exciting?

Night check selfies with Andy are exciting

The 2yo’s got gelded last week so between all their daily care and doing all the stuff with the babies, it’s time consuming but also kind of mundane. Groom Lead Medicate Cold hose Walk Clean etc etc etc. We’ve also officially entered summertime rainy season, so there’s a lot more shuffling horses in and out of stalls during storms, thus more stall cleaning. If I’m not doing that I’m probably working on pedigree reports or writing something. I’m assuming y’all probably don’t want a whole blog post about any of that, but the truth is that that’s most of my time at the moment. My finger is definitely still janky and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be swollen forever, but the good news is that I’ve become quite adept at just not using it.

Lucy the llama

A few other things have been going on though. Andy’s new owner came out this weekend to meet him and they both loved each other, which is awesome. I am particularly partial to him because he reminds me a lot of baby Presto (with a touch less chaos and mayhem) so I was hoping he would win her over too, and he definitely did. I also finally got his DNA kit yesterday so today I’ll be pulling some hairs to send off so we can finally find out which one is his baby daddy. If I had to bet my money is on Lingo, but I could still kind of see it either way. He’s tall (Araldik is taller at almost 17h) but he’s very leggy and rectangular (like Lingo), but he’s got Vee’s face so it’s hard to get any clues from that. So in summary, who knows. I guess we’ll find out for sure soon.

I haven’t jumped since the show, but Presto did get a ramped up conditioning day this past weekend when we went to gallop at Majestic. Where he proceeded to spook at basically everything he jumped the weekend before. He looked at the keyhole like WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS and denied having ever seen it in his life. He went sideways past the steps and the corner. He also had a spinning heart attack about an auto waterer near the last jump, which was also definitely there the week before because indeed, as I told him, “THAT’S ALWAYS BEEN THERE!”. Event horses, y’all. They don’t make sense.

lies, these all sound like lies

I’m also trying to leg Henry back up a bit as I have time. He’s woefully out of shape and has lost most of his topline, which sucks. It’s light by 6am now so I’m able to start my days earlier, so I’m hoping to be able to squeeze in at least a few rides a week on him.

Teeny ear boy

On Friday we’ve got the dentist coming for the horses, which I’m looking forward to. Dr. Bess is great and I’m curious to see what’s going on in their mouths.

Hopefully I’ll have a jump lesson later this week. I did submit my entries for our last two shows before summer break, Ocala and Stable View. I have already settled into my Ocala Privilege thoroughly enough that I’m feeling whiny about the extra effort that Stable View will require with hauling (its about 6 hours) and stabling and all that, but also it’ll be good to get out somewhere new that we haven’t been yet. I love our local facilities but we’ve seen a whole lot of them lately and a change of scenery will be nice!

10 thoughts on ““That’s always been there” and other lies

    1. All I can do is laugh at my brave modified/prelim horse’s spooking at the Pee Wee logs on the ground as we gallop toward a Bat (big ass table) and jump it with out blinking an eye. 🙄Horse’s 🤷🙄
      Glad to see Henry ears again.


  1. Ohhhh nooo a whole 6 hours….how will you ever survive….

    All but ONE of my endurance rides is 6+ hours away….and I have to pack the same shit no matter how far I drive, so the “nearby” one (3 hours away) isn’t even much less work.

    I’m excited to track Stable View though! My former trainer will be competing (2* I think), so I always cheer her on.


  2. I had stableview down as a maybe for my schedule. Maybe it needs to be looked at again…. Have soo much fun!


  3. I’m not sure if it helps to know you’re not alone, but Al spooks at every jump he’s not actively expected to hop over. All the time. Making a circle on him is a real treat. He also hates if you pull the fill out and leave it next to the jump. Today he was dragon breathing about a couple flower boxes that weren’t under a fence. It’s ridiculous.
    Can’t wait to read about your next shows!


  4. You have my sympathies – there are few chores I hate more than looking after recent geldings. So many feelings. So much drainage. So much making the 2-year-old-who-still-thinks-he-is-a-colt stand still for cold hosing. Ugh!


  5. I love Henry updates and can totally relate to spooking at things that they passed 5 times before. Those gremlins are new.

    Aiken is great! Stable View is great! The facility is a little farther out of town, but if you do make it into town make sure to hit up Takosushi. The concept of sushi and Tex Mex is a little odd, but the food is good.


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