Foal Friday: When Rhett met Lucy

There were some big happenings here this week in Babyland, with two of our younger kiddos getting to be turned out together for the first time!

Peyton and Lucy, and Chanel and Rhett

Chanel and Peyton are great friends and both go out of their way to avoid conflict, so they were the best choice for the first mingling of babies.

The real question was, which of the foals would be the more socially bold? It might be easy to think it would be Rhett… he’s 100% colt and full of swagger. Lucy on the other hand is a little more cautious with a good sense of self-preservation.

But, Rhett made a big mistake the second we let Peyton and Lucy into his turnout. He came at Peyton all Hell On Wheels the way he does to his mother, on his hind feet. Peyton immediately said “ABSOLUTELY NOT, WE DO NOT BEHAVE LIKE THAT HERE” and got him with her teeth. Rhett was shocked. Pretty sure that was the first time he’d ever been disciplined by another horse in his life. He had it coming. He turned tail immediately and went and hid behind Chanel and stayed there. Eventually it was Lucy who’s curiosity finally got the best of her, and she approached Rhett first.

The first approach

Which Rhett, who’s world had been turned completely upside down by Peyton telling him no, found to be a little terrifying.

Lucy: Where are you going? Rhett: STRANGER DANGER

He promptly went and hid behind Chanel.

Lucy: come back here!

Rhett was deeply curious about her, that’s for sure. He kept watching her, but he didn’t summon the courage to leave the safety of Chanel in order to go to Lucy. Eventually, Lucy approached him again.

Hey you… chunky kid… come here

And this time Rhett was a little more bold, and walked the last few feet to meet her. They made it almost to the point of touching noses.


But then Chanel noticed an intruder approaching her Perfect Angel Boy and immediately put the kibosh on that.

Chanel says absolutely not

Lucy very smartly retreated.

That didn’t stop her from trying to tempt him into playing, though. And it didn’t stop Rhett from staring at her with laser focus.

he’s a bit of a stalker

As soon as the moms relax their rules a little bit, I’m sure these two will be playing more. They’re definitely very interested in each other, and have been running around together a little bit more. It’s hard making your first friend!

4 thoughts on “Foal Friday: When Rhett met Lucy

  1. Love these first encounters! Moms gotta be moms & kids gotta be kids. Thanks for all you bring to us, esp. on Friday mornings at this time of year!


  2. Poor Rhett! Knocked off the pedastal his mother has placed him on. 😀 I am sure he won’t be traumatized for too long..


  3. Peyton’s all, “Apparently I have to raise two kids now…” And Chanel’s all, “keep your kid away from my angel.” I don’t know how you get any of your 150 jobs done with all these adorable babies all over the place.


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