Meet Simsalabim

Does this face look familiar?


It both should and shouldn’t. You’ve never met this horse before. I’ve never posted any pictures of her here. But if you’re thinking she looks a hell of a lot like Presto, you would be extremely correct. The resemblance is uncanny, especially when looking at their faces from the front.

So who is this adorable little creature, you may be asking? Uh, well… hi hello yes, this is our new filly. Say hello to Simsalabim, a 2yo filly by Saketini xx out of Mary Lou S (Mighty Magic x Ramiro’s Son II).

remarkably cute for a not-quite-2yo

Losing Gemma sucked. A lot. Especially because we really bought her to use for breeding, and we had started shopping for stallions to breed her to. Hillary’s horse is 7 this year, and Presto is 6, so like… if we’re thinking about breeding the next generation, so to speak, now is the time to put that wheel in motion. Our dreams for that died along with Gemma. We sort of discussed starting to keep our eyes peeled for another OTTB mare at some point, certainly not feeling like we were in any sort of rush. We wanted it to be the right one, whenever and wherever we found her.

And then a local friend of mine reached out to me on facebook after she heard about Gemma. The woman has bred a few foals in the past few years but has decided that the whole breeding thing isn’t for her (smart lady!) and sold her broodmare a few months ago.

The first filly she had, now a 2yo, is by a TB eventing stallion and out of a Mighty Magic (Presto’s sire) mare. Indeed, the whole reason this woman and I even know each other is because of her MM mare. Because, you know… me and MM offspring, I am a stalker. Anyway, the filly had a pasture injury that will preclude her from a serious sport career, and since the woman is no longer breeding, she didn’t really have a use for the filly. That’s when she reached out to me. She knows I like and understand the MM brain, and her seasonal boarders (a 5* rider and her wife – who does our horses’ bodywork) also vouched for us being a potentially great home.

We went last week to see her and it was a bit of love of first sight for both me and Hillary. I am of course obsessed with her breeding, and she looks remarkably like Presto so ya know – done deal for me. She’s also an incredibly nice filly in her own right though, and really exciting as a broodmare prospect. Her damline has produced some really cool top level horses – everything from a 1.55m showjumper to a 4* eventer to a 4th level dressage horse. (I’ll have to do a Family Tree post for her at some point) Of course she’s just coming 2, so it would be next year before we looked at breeding her, which gives us time to play with her, learn about her, and maybe lightly start her under saddle to give us a better idea of what she’s like. Perfect.


It wasn’t my intention to really look for anything again for a while, and we figured it would be another OTTB, but for a horse like this to just fall into our laps seems like a sign from the universe. All the best ones kind of find their way to you, don’t they? To top it all off, she only lived 10 minutes up the road. I dunno how much more perfect it can get.

We went to pick her up on Saturday and she walked right in the trailer like a pro, rode down to our farm, unloaded, took one look around, and started eating grass. We brought her into the barn to brush her and chop her mane off and she immediately stuck one of the crossties in her mouth. Yes yes, you will fit in here just fine. She’s now settled into the filly pasture like a champ, and is really a smart girl. I love her.

Her barn name is Simi but we don’t totally love that so we’ve been kicking around other options… haven’t landed on anything 100% yet. She’s already gotten the unfortunate nickname of Sis from me and Bunny from Hillary so we’re gonna have to decide fast so I can quit referring to her as NotSemiOrSisorBunnyMaybeFayOrSomething.

Her pedigree:

I’m so excited to have such a nice freakin mare in the barn and really can’t thank the people involved enough for the opportunity. ❤ Welcome home, kiddo.

13 thoughts on “Meet Simsalabim

  1. When I first saw that pic on IG, I assumed you were sharing one of a younger Presto!! She and Presto have the exact same ears and derpy expression!! 😀 She so pretty, can’t wait to see how she looks in the next year or so as she fills in and becomes a grown up (in body, not in the brain lol). Welcome home, little one, you’ve landed in a GREAT place.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. She doesn’t look as epically ginormous as Presto. How tall is she? Super cute!!

    I vote for Sisi as a barn name. She was a super badass Austrian/Hungarian empress who is known to have been a rebel in her day. She was also an accomplished equestrienne. 🙂


  3. Boy MM really stamps the head on them doesn’t he? Her body type looks different from Preso, but I can see a certain similarity in her movement. Best of luck with her!


    1. It’s interesting because they have almost the same amount of blood (73% vs 76%) but Presto comes from a TB mare line whereas she comes from a Hanoverian mare line. I think that difference is very obvious in their phenotype.


  4. What a gorgeous filly! The resemblance to Presto really is uncanny, I genuinely thought you were reposting one of his yearling pictures when I first saw her.

    As for names, I vote either Sam, since I keep misreading her name as that… or Silly, since she absolutely is.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Such a find! Or rather she found you.

    What a relief for her former owner that she found this perfect landing spot.

    Sami is my vote. 🙂


  6. Completely unrelated to her registered name, but I’m tossing Shazam in as a suggestion. To follow the magic theme you have with Presto.

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  7. I like the magic theme, and Shazam has my vote. Or Abra, short for Abracadabra as this filly appeared out of no where, when you were least expecting it.
    The family resemblance is amazing and even more shocking, Presto is an Uncle!! Which makes me think of Uncle Buck. 😀

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  8. She is adorable!! I love when we just serendipitously stumble upon exactly the right horse. All the best ones I’ve ever had came to me like that ❤

    I vote for Ditto or Echo as a name, because I, too, thought it was Presto at first glance!


  9. Certainly seems like it was meant to be. Maybe you should just call her Fate…
    She is absolutely adorable and resembles Presto so much! Those MM genes are strong!


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