Foal Friday: The Adventures of RiRi

When it comes to foals, I think week 2 is prime time as far as entertainment value. In their first week they’re still wobbly and sleep constantly, but by week 2 they’ve found their feet a little bit, are more curious, and have a little more stamina. They start discovering their world a little bit more and explore things without being quite so glued to their dam. It’s when you start to really see what their personality is like, as they become comfortable in the world.

This little fuzzmonster is no exception.


RiRi is… something else. Her name is very appropriate. She is sassy and confident and very curious, and pretty bold. She also likes to explore things by putting them in her mouth, which is perhaps more or less endearing depending on how you feel about that. There is not an inch of me or her pasture or her stall that her mouth has not touched.

Imma eat dis stick
Imma eat dis tree

Not even the waterer is safe from her.

Oooo water, dats nice…
Imma eat dat float
and den SMASH IT

When she isn’t trying to eat or lick things, she’s either running or sleeping. She loves both of those things in equal measure.

As far as her gaits go, we’ve seen a decent bit of her walk by now…

A tiny bit of trot…

And a whole heck of a lot of gallop.


All gallop all the time. You can tell she’s got a lot of TB in her.

And sass, we’ve also seen lots of sass. There’s plenty of that in her, too.


Aside from all the cute foal stuff, she’s also shown us a glimpse of what a stunning mare she’ll be some day, too.

You’re a stunner, RiRi. And a bit of a weirdo, but all the best ones are.

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