Foal Friday: Weaning Time!

After the inspection was over, Inca and Quinlee moved out into the big pasture with the Thoroughbred mares and weanlings (all boarder horses). Most of the foals out there had already been weaned, but there were a couple mares still left, too.

As you can see, they were very excited to get to go out in the giant field with the other foals.

Well… Quinlee was excited about the other foals. Inca wasn’t so sure about the local riff-raff. Naturally it was Quinlee that made the first approach. Inca was close behind, making sure the children at this school were appropriate friends for her kid.

“Hi, I’m Quinlee Quesadilla and I’m superior to you in every way” – Quinlee, probably

Inca’s involvement caused the little herdlet of weanlings to scatter, but that didn’t bother Quinlee much. She just make a break for it and took off after them, much to Inca’s chagrin.


Quinlee does what Quinlee wants though, so she quickly inserted herself into the herd and assigned herself a high social standing.

And really, that was the end of that. It was a very low drama introduction, and Quinlee assimilated into the herd with no issues.


The next day was when the real weaning happened – Inca got on the trailer to head back to Texas, and Quinlee stayed behind with her new friends in the weanling field.

Quinlee neighed a little bit on and off for that first day, but Inca didn’t. She walked out of that field and never looked back once. That’s the case with a lot of mares by the time weaning comes around – they’re ready for a break!

Now Inca is back to her cushy center-of-attention life with Michelle in Texas (she is delighted) and Quinlee is Queen of the herd here in Florida. Queen Quinlee Quesadilla… has a nice ring to it.

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