Thursday Things

Mmmmk first and foremost, the pro pics from our first event. This noodle. Lookit him. LOOKIT HIM.

My favorite thing about this one is my trainer’s daughter trying to make a hasty getaway in the background. I too would like to run away from the dressage arena as quickly as possible, so I get it.
Captain SideEye, reporting for duty

Excuse me sir, excuse me. Why are you so cute?

The S J pics just made me chuckle because he looks equal parts bored by the height…
Yet simultaneously impressed with some of the fillers

Second of all, I wasn’t joking when I said we almost ate shit in the dressage ring.

Moving on.

If you haven’t yet downloaded your free copy of the Maryland 5* breeding data spreadsheet, you’ve got until the end of the weekend before the link disappears! You can get it on – the download link is near the top of the page. John Kyle used the sheet for the live stream commentary, and this morning Chris Ryan absolutely made my day by commenting and saying that it was “fantastic”. Deep respect for Chris Ryan and his breeding knowledge, it’s as close to a fangirl moment as I get.

I’ll also have an article with in-depth breeding info of the top 3 finishers coming out on Eventing Nation I think today (edited to add: it’s up! You can read it here.), so if you’re interested in knowing more about that very diverse podium, keep an eye out for it! Also I’ll be at TerraNova 4* this weekend doing the coverage for Eventing Nation so if you’re going drop me a link and we can coordinate a meet up. I was busy this week getting the breeding data together for their live stream too, which will be on Horse & Country TV. There’s no escaping me right now.

In Florida news, it is for some reason cold AF this morning, which is the only reason why you’re getting this post. I’m not riding until it warms up because I don’t have a death wish. When I went out to feed this morning Presto was levitating around his paddock snorting like a dragon, which was in sharp contrast to the unicorn pajamas he’s wearing.

What else is going on… my brain is mush.

Oh yeah, Patrons – we’re hosting a Secret Santa this year so if you’re interested, check your dashboard!

Last (I think?) but not least, Hidden Heights Fitness is hosting another facebook giveaway for a free one-on-one virtual training session, if you missed out last time! If you’re hesitant about the whole “working out” part, she also does a lot with biomechanics, stretching, etc so she can tailor the session to whatever you’re after. Cannot recommend enough!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Loved reading your article this morning! And good on you and the Noodle for staying upright in the dressage. Can’t imagine how’d it feel to be eliminated for fall of horse in the dressage! 😂


  2. Can you believe you made that big ole baby boy? You must be so proud that you and Presto have achieved such lofty success in his young tender years. Congrats on a job well done.


  3. Sounds like you’re getting lots of work as a reporter! That’s so fun! And nice work on all the breeding info getting out into the world. You’re really doing things. So impressed!
    Also, ugh, I may need to become a patron just for the secret santa… Lol


  4. What a great show report. Presto is so professional and I love his side eye. You must be filled with joy & pride – you done good! Any thoughts about breeding another? I wouldn’t say no to a Presto mini – something 15.2 h.h. soaking wet. 🙂


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