Foal Friday: Yearling Colts sBs Inspection

Alright, continuing on our series sBs inspection coverage… last week Quinlee got her own post, and this week we’ve got the yearling colts, Patrick and Percy.

Lil Perce… please ignore whatever it is that my face is doing

Patrick is probably significantly whiter than the last time y’all saw him. You could tell he was going to gray quickly since he was already a steel color as a weanling, but boy he has wasted no time. He’s well on his way to white, just like his sire.

And Percy, last time you saw him, was still a very awkward looking dude. If you remember, he’s the one that had an extremely rough start – red bag delivery, dysmature, almost didn’t make it at birth, etc. He’s definitely been playing catch up for his entire life, but he’s looked better and better as the months go by. Still very awkward, especially compared to Patrick who I think might be the prettiest yearling in the world, but remarkably better.

He thicc

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Patrick earned the top score of the day, with great comments. Hard not to like a colt like this one.

After both boys had been inspected in hand, we turned them loose together so the judge could see their gaits. Since they live together we thought it would be easier and less stressful to present them together, and the boys seemed to agree.

he lost his ears in this pic but I still thought it was cute
Everyone’s favorite miscreant there in the background, ready to cause problems

I thought the judge did a good job too of seeing through Percy’s awkwards and giving him a good score. Some day he’s gonna grow into all his various body parts and be a good-looking horse.

Overall a good day for the colts! Next week, the fillies…

5 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Yearling Colts sBs Inspection

  1. Patrick is stunning! Fascinating to see the change since I haven’t seen a picture of him in a while.
    I always swore I’d never get a grey horse, and now I can’t seem to stop collecting them. (Someday I will actually get a bay, which is what I’ve wanted since the beginning 😂)


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