The Andy to my April

It’s Hurricane Initiation Day here in Ocala – horses and farm are battened down and ready to go. If you’re a Patron I’m posting vlog updates there periodically, so check your dashboard! Otherwise I figured I’d keep it light here, because… ya know. Balance.

Last week after we went XC schooling I was texting with Steph, and she sent a fairly perfect Presto GIF response.

Which made me chuckle because about 6 years ago there was a blog hop going around about “what character is your horse” and I picked April Ludgate for Henry. I have been compared to April for YEARS by several different people, and Henry and I have really similar personalities, so it fits. But when Steph sent that GIF I started thinking about it and I was like oh… Presto is totally the Andy to my April.

Originally, when Presto was still a wee lad, I compared him to Buddy the Elf. He’s older and more wizened to the world now, so he’s lost some of that completely naive exuberance. Now he’s a confident, but still extremely goofy dingaling. The more I went through Andy GIFs, the more it fit.

Every time he gets off a trailer

Last year after his MRI

His general outlook on chaos

When he tries to impress his friends

Basically any time he tries to do anything

In basically every lesson

Every single time he sees me coming with night check cookies

Last week at the sBs inspection with him being a supreme goober in the background

God I really wonder if he thinks this is the expression and thats why he uses his feet for everything..

In our jump lessons when I make him leave the shade to go do another course

And then of course, our relationship as a duo

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