Foal Friday: Quinlee’s sBs Inspection

As I mentioned earlier this week, sBs was here on Monday to inspect mares and babies. We had 11 horses total to run through, but Quinlee was the only 2022 foal of the group so she got to go first of the WTW horses.

also I am the most important, duh.

She came up the barn with Inca, they got beautified, Quinlee got some braids put in, and ta-da, they were ready to go.

Glamour Shots

She did seem perhaps slightly offended by the man with the clipboard. He kept staring at her and just seemed a bit… judgy.

Dude, what are you looking at?
are y’all seeing this guy?
This seems rude

After he looked at her conformation, he watched her walk straight away and straight back, and then trot straight away and straight back. Then it was time for the fun part – letting her loose so they could see her free gaits. Presto, who is in the paddock across the driveway from the one we were using for the inspection, found this part to be very exciting.

Hey Mister Guy, LOOK AT ME NOW

They trotted and cantered around for a few minutes so that the judge could see how Quinlee moves, and then that was it. All done.

Quinlee got great scores for her confirmation and gaits, earning the designation of Premium foal.

Like there was any other possibility?

Later she got branded (which she felt was also very rude of That Guy) and then the next day she was weaned! Inca loaded up and headed back to Texas with Michelle, and now Quinlee is out in the weanling herd here in Florida with all the race babies. They both handled weaning very well, it wasn’t a big deal at all.

Next week we’ll look at some of the other kiddos that got inspected. Quinlee just demanded her own post… for obvious reasons. #diva

3 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Quinlee’s sBs Inspection

  1. I laughed out loud at Presto’s derpy face in the background 😀 I wondered if they got branded, and if it was at the same time – thanks for answering my questions that I didn’t ask out loud. lol


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