There is something wrong with me

How many of you read that title and were like “there’s more than ONE something wrong with you” or “let’s see which thing it is this time”? Uh huh, I thought so. Rude.

ANYWAY, in this particular scenario I’m referring to the fact that I have once again fallen down a slippery slope of internet browsing for pretty things. This time it was show shirts. In my defense I really haven’t shown much in the past few years and haven’t had a reason to accumulate any show shirts. Not that that’s really stopped me from uh, picking up one or two here and there (I may or may not have a sparkly navy one and a black Samshield one with glitter and an ivory lace one). Now that we aren’t too far away (hopefully) from getting the kiddos out to some horse shows, I had a look through all my show clothes to assess the situation. It’s… interesting.

I’ve got a couple pairs of white breeches that sort of fit. I’m good on show coats. The boot situation is fire. Helmets are also solid. Do I have some show shirts? Yes. Are they all a bit off-beat? Yes. I have no white shirts, nothing subtle, definitely nothing even remotely classic or conservative. I like my off-beat options, for sure, but also if there’s a chance that I might go careening across the dressage court on a wild baby horse, maaaaaybe I should dial back the outfit a bit? I should probably have at least one white shirt in my closet.

So off I scampered over to Riding Warehouse to see what they’ve got. And then, ya know, one thing led to another and I ended up with an obscene amount of shirts on my Wish List.

Thus now I’m making it Everyone’s Problem and y’all get to help me pick. Or weigh in if you have any of these. Or buy a few for yourself and we can compare notes. YOLO.

Naturally I was immediately drawn to all the navy ones, because we all know that I have a navy problem.

Hi, you’re my type.

Hey girl, so you are you.

Wait NO! No no no… the task at hand is a white shirt. A WHITE SHIRT. A SEMI-NORMAL, BUDGET-FRIENDLY, REGULAR WHITE SHIRT. Come on self, let’s focus.

Pikeur Kennya

This is probably the definition of basic for me – plain white. It does have the mesh top and arms though, which I really like, and Pikeur usually has nice fabrics. Is it too boring for me though?

Shockemohle Clea

This one is a little less boring, with it’s little metal beads around the collar. Still nothing wild but a little more interesting at least.

Horze Kaitlin

I really like the silver flowers on the shoulders, it makes it less boring. Plus the fabric looks meshy, which I like. Does the zipper make it too casual though? It also comes in navy and a light purpley-pink color that got me very distracted and wanting those for just regular everyday riding shirts. I mean, the price is right… (send help).

Ovation Elegance

This one would look very classic with a coat over it, but I always like anything with a lace sleeve.

LeMieux Amelie

Ok I like that this one has rhinestone buttons and the little polka-dotted mesh part at the top. It’s still interesting but classic enough since it’s white… right?

LeMieux Olivia

Moving on to long sleeve options, I loooove the laser-cut details on this one. It’s my jam for sure. Of course, with a coat on you wouldn’t see any of that. Gah I love it though.

Horze Sianna

Ok the ONLY thing that’s appealing to me personally about a ruffle is that it gives a little bit of a stock tie look. I like the lace on this one too, and the pearly snaps. I just feel like I might look ridiculous (George Washington, anyone?) in a ruffle, even if I like how it looks on other people.

Thoughts? Assistance?

18 thoughts on “There is something wrong with me

  1. If you must have a white shirt, my pick would be the Horze Kaitlin. Quite frankly, white and I don’t get along. I attract dirt and smudges like no one else. I haven’t a clue why, but it’s been an issue since early childhood.

    On the other hand, why can’t you rock your off beat/alternative style while your horse careens around the dressage court like a chicken on fire? At the end of the day, if it all goes to hell in a hand basket, you can look back and think “my outfit was awesome”. Plus, it also gives everyone else, including the judge something to really remember you by.
    “Her horse went sideways like a rocket, but she stuck it out and her black glitter outfit sparkled in the sun”. Or something like that.

    Just my 2 cents. Be yourself. Wear what makes you happy.

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  2. My vote is also the Horze Kaitlin. It looks like the same fabric as the sunshirts of theirs I have (the one that comes in the bright blue, the “Trista” shirt), and I quite like the fabric: it’s meshy enough for hot weather, but more durable than some of my other sunshirts (Kastel and Lettia) so it doesn’t snag on Every Single Thing.

    As for long sleeve, I also LOVE the little laser details on the LeMieux, and it would be classy enough for a show where coats were waived (or a nicer schooling show). If I showed more than once every other year I’d pick that one (and it’s too lightweight for foxhunting, I usually just wear a white under armor shirt with a stock tie over it foxhunting, nobody ever knows that it’s not a “proper” show shirt…)


    1. Oh, and the Horze fabric (at least the blue and dark purple, I can’t speak to the white) isn’t see-through like some other brands I have (looking at you, Kerrits).


  3. Can’t help you on white shirts (I also attract dirt – it’s magic) but I seriously thought you were going to say that you bought another horse so there’s that.

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  4. The two LeMieux and the Horze shirts are my favorite out of those!

    I preordered the Essex Classics Luna because I needed a new show shirt for the hunter ring and wanted something “less boring” under my jacket


  5. Not to derail you, but I needed a new white show shirt this year after not showing for a bunch of years. Check out the Horseware “Sara” I bought it and have zero regrets. Although now I want to try most of what you posted!


  6. I was pressured into buying the black glitter Samshield shirt to go with the sparkly burgundy coat. And by pressured, I mean that the salesperson held up the shirt and I grabbed it. I vote for whichever option has the most sparkles.


  7. For the white, I think the LeMieux Amelie first and the Horze Kaitlin second are the most like the style you tend to prefer (though I could be totally wrong lol). The Ovation Elegance I think would rank third, as a good “business casual” white shirt if that makes sense lol. And I love both of the navy shirts, so I’d say grab those haha!


  8. I vote for the LeMieux navy one because it’s AMAZING and for the Horze Kaitlyn. I have a Horze Mikaela and it has served me really well — it’s very cool and has lasted well. It also has the zipper, but no one has ever seemed to mind, even though I usually don’t ride with a stock.


  9. White and short-sleeved, I like the Kaitlin and the Clea (lace is not my thing).
    White and long-sleeved, I vote for the Olivia – the laser cut details make me think of the 70degrees shirts… which btw, comes in navy now…

    And I feel like I’d be doing you a total disservice if I didn’t mention that Free Ride Equestrian is having a sale on their Devon Show shirts right now with free shipping. They don’t have a wite one, but they do have a navy short sleeve and a grey long sleeve version with pearl snaps. (I have the black long-sleeved one and it looks kinda great… almost as good as the black sunshirt with the sparkle mesh ehich just happens to be back in stock, too.)
    I’ll just leave a link right here… do what you will with it: 😉


  10. I do like the LeMieux Amelie the best for the white ones. I have some of their shirts and find them nicely fitted with a fabric that feels nice and holds up well to washing…
    I also thought that you may have bought another OTTB when I saw the title!! 😀


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