Foal Friday: The Foal Shed

It’s been a couple weeks since new photos were taken of our Intrepid Baby Hero of the Year, Quinlee Quesadilla. Mostly because, well… she looked like this.

Once those first big heat waves hit Texas, she got real serious about blowing her foal coat in a hurry. One day she was a fuzzy little foal, the next day she was super super mangey.

The hair came off fast though, and there’s just a little bit left on her legs now. Foals are always darker under that first shedded baby coat, and boy is her coat really lovely now. Super dark, rich brown.

She seems to know it too, because boy if you thought she liked to pose for photos before… someone is a weeeeeee bit stuck on themselves I think.

HOOMON, take my picture
It’s called Golden Hour, duh.

Inca of course, is just thrilled about her baby’s ever-expanding ego and some of the diva behavior that goes with it – like Quinlee smashing her butt into her.


Poor Inca, I think she’s over this mom thing already. She’s got a calendar in her stall with weaning day circled on it in red and a countdown timer on her phone.

If we’re being honest though, I gotta say that some of Quinlee’s inflated self esteem probably comes from her mother. Inca always did appreciate taking a good photo, and sometimes she participates in Quinlee’s photoshoots too.

like mother like daughter

The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree, despite what Inca may think.

Happy Foal Friday!

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