Twirling Noodles

Gemma got her own post about how good she’s been, and it was deserved, but I figured I should also tell y’all what else has been going on around these parts.

When I bring Henry and Gemma in, this is how she prefers to walk

Since Hillary has been in town we’ve found plenty to do to fill my free time. You already saw that she rode Gemma at Majestic Oaks for XC schooling, but I also took Presto along that day too. I didn’t really want to XC school him, we’re still working on reinforcing some things on the flat and over small jumps, but any chance to get him off the property is one I’m happy to take. Especially since he hasn’t really been anywhere (aside from moving) since last fall and had all that extended time off… I thought he might be a bit of an orangutan.

And well, he kind of was. Mostly when Gemma left the group and he thought the love of his life was abandoning him forever. There were some legit dance moves and we had a couple of conversations about what is and what is not acceptable protest behavior. Twirling in circles = naughty noodle. To be fair though he hadn’t been ridden in a few days because his neck swelled up a bit after an IM injection, so he came into it already more fresh than I would have wanted. I did walk him up and down some banks and go through the water, and then at the end I cantered him over a couple little logs (I took him far away from the group to do this and he screamed the entire time, which honestly made him a little easier to ride… less oxygen making it to his brain maybe…). He didn’t get a gold star for his behavior the way Gemma did, but he wasn’t bad. I need to keep taking him places so he can get back in the groove of being a working citizen and everything will stop being so exciting.

On Saturday night we met some friends at WEC for the first big FEI GP of the season. It really doesn’t suck to be in a community where this is the thing to do on a Saturday night.

there isn’t a single bad seat in the house, even when you’re sitting up top at a table

On Sunday after we rode we went over to meet a friend at a farm where she was trying a sale horse. This place does a ton of sales and some breeding, and they were telling me the bloodlines of some of them. I’m always down for chats like that.

hunter stallion Maximus. He and Presto share a grandsire.

The other really exciting thing that happened – my saddle came! It only took 4 weeks from order placement to delivery from France… pretty impressive, especially considering all the supply chain issues and stuff. I know people waiting 3-4 months for saddles. I have never before in my life purchased a brand new saddle, so it was pretty fun to get to open that box.

Honestly I think the best part about it was greasing the new buffalo leather… it’s so satisfying.

I’ll write more of a review of it in a few weeks once I get to ride in it more. So far so good – I got a shoulder cutout in the panel and Gemma in particular really seems to like that.

Otherwise we’ve just been in major work mode getting the last of our July pedigree reports done for BRC (we beat our self-imposed deadline by a day, so I’m calling that a win) and I’ve been dealing with a whole lot of regular work stuff. FYI for the people that missed getting a pedigree report last time – we’ll be opening up July spots on the 5th, and there will be 8 available. If we get through those quickly we may open up more later in the month, but for now the plan is to offer 8 for July. The price will be going up, just based on the fact that we’re spending an average of 5-6 hours on these, and they’ve ended up being twice as many pages as we’d originally planned. I’ve been hesitant to post an entire sample report publicly because there are already people sniffing around that give me major “here to rip off your idea and execution” vibes, but I’ve been leaking a page here and there on Instagram to give people an idea of what type of info is included. Hopefully now that all of the first round of reports have been delivered we’ll start getting some reviews, too!

2 thoughts on “Twirling Noodles

  1. My favorite horse in my lifetime had a wicked spin. I got became very adept at spider monkey skills, I miss her terribly but whiplash from spinning is not something I miss 😂. Your new saddle is gorgeous, can’t wait to hear how you like it!


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