Gemma’s First Glamour Shots

We got the pics back from Gemma’s first photoshoot! Since she’s still got some weight to gain we went for mostly head shots, but I think they came out super cute. She’s a pretty photogenic mare, and I have to admit… that deep chestnut is growing on me a little bit more every day. We’ll have to do another shoot once she’s fully let down from the track and up to sporthorse weight, and slicked off in her summer coat. But for now, she’s got her first set of Glamour Shots… that’s how you know you’re officially in the fam.

Big thank you to Megan Carr Photography for getting these pics of our pretty girl!

12 thoughts on “Gemma’s First Glamour Shots

  1. She’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to see how her body changes in the next several months!
    Chestnuts have never been my favorite horse color, but I do love a dark chestnut like her or even better, a liver chest with lots of chrome.


  2. She is beautiful!
    Unrelated: I was happy to see a post, you must have electricity anyway. I’m not sure exactly where you are located, but am assuming that you have ice.

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