Foal Friday: Decorating for Christmas

How are we only a week away from Christmas already? I’m definitely not ready, but Michelle is a big Christmas fan (she’s one of those people that binges Hallmark movies, help me) so naturally she added some decorations to the barn. The babies were inside anyway since it was also farrier day, and they were quite interested in the decorating process. Or, in some cases, just posing with said decor when it was up. It made for some cute pics.

I swear Patrick poses like this on purpose
Maybe it’s genetic
But Pippa is pretty good at it too
These two are just a mess

And while eventually they weren’t very impressed with the decor…

Percy the llama

when it was first getting pulled out and hung up, they had a few opinions on all that stuff.

just be really still and maybe it’ll go away – Pippa
do I eat it or snort at it? – Patrick
Is it still there? – Percy, again.

Once the barn was decorated they got to try on their outfits for next week’s “formal” Christmas shoot. We figured we’d do one more themed Foal Friday post/photo shoot for them, especially since next week’s falls on Christmas Eve. Couldn’t resist the occasion! So out came some hats.

Patrick was offended
Percy just wanted to eat everything
And Teddy was… well… Teddy.

Merry-almost-Christmas-week from the WTW babies!

7 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Decorating for Christmas

  1. Where does Michelle find the time? I’m in awe of her ability to do more than just play with the babies.
    Love the pictures and I am looking forward to the formal photo shoot.


  2. Patrick would make an excellent stocking stuffer. I wouldn’t complain if he ended up under/in my tree. Does Michelle deliver to Canada? πŸ˜ƒ


  3. God, Patrick is getting SO cute! At this point in development he’d be my pick ❀
    Cant wait for the "where are they now" updates on former foal crops!


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