Foal Friday: Scruffy Bebes

Remember a few months ago when the foals were all cute and shiny and fancy-looking? Not so much these days… they’re looking decidedly more scruffy in all of their winter coat baby horse glory.

They’re still pretty cute though, if you ask me. None of them have quite hit the yearling uglies stage yet where you have to hide them behind the barn and pretend like you don’t notice that none of their parts match. Right now they’re chunky and fluffy and squishably adorable.

Obi is look very au naturale
just me or does Teddy kinda look like a mustang at the moment?

Some of them have been weaned now, which was fairly uneventful. They’re pretty independent by this point and have gotten good at entertaining themselves. For the most part they’re just hanging out enjoying being baby horses and growing up.

“this looks like trouble, I’m in” – Teddy, definitely
Percy Smoosh

The two brothers and their antics are still one of the most entertaining aspects of the group. Obi and Patrick have only bonded more and more as they’ve gotten older, and are fairly inseparable at this point. They’re constantly antagonizing each other, chasing each other, biting each other, etc… all the things that colts do best.

I nom you, big bro

They’re quite evenly-matched though, and seem to enjoy taking turns dishing it out. At least their winter coats seem to help prevent quite as many bite marks?

yeah you better run!

Wherever these boys go, they might just have to go together. I dunno if we can break up this comedic duo anytime soon.

“he’s behind me isn’t he?”

I know they’ve got a Christmas shoot coming up, and after that we might be nearing the end of the Foal Friday posts for the 2021 class. I’ve stretched it out longer than usual because they’re just so entertaining. After we wrap with this year’s foals I’m working on an update post for some of the previous years’ foals so we can take a look at what they’re up to now… stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Scruffy Bebes

  1. Patrick’s ears being forward in the last picture kind of ruin the “I’m a mean guy” effect.
    I also will miss Foal Friday. At least we only have a few months to wait for new babies.


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