Foal Friday: The Christmacorn Failure

So there I was, scrolling innocently through inflatable Christmas decorations (as one does) when I came across the best one ever.

And I was like… “you know who needs that? Michelle.” aka The Babies. I had visions of all these adorable things they’d do and the cute pictures that would result. I’m here for the pictures, ya know? So I ordered it and sent it to Michelle’s. To help make sure the babies wouldn’t be too afraid of it she opened it up out in their pasture, set out the uninflated “body” for them to sniff, and then started to blow it up.

They thought it was kind of interesting, and stood back a little bit to watch it grow to it’s full height.

And then once it was inflated they immediately came over to check out their new little Christmacorn friend.

it’s always Pippa leading the way

They all got a good look at him, trying to figure out exactly what species this was. I don’t know what I expected them to do exactly, but in my mind it was more… exciting than this. They just sniffed him. Zero theatrics, not even a fun little yeehaw prance around while they summoned the bravery to approach him. NOTHING. I GOT NOTHING. They just kept sniffing him… face and tail especially.

“your butt smells funny” – Pippa, probably
“I think it smells gooooood” – Obi, probably

The only semi-exciting part was when he fell over. The babies skittered a few feet backward and then reapproached with concern over Christmacorn’s general welfare.

“I think we need a medic”
“Did you try sniffing his butt???” – Obi, probably

And that was the beginning and end of the excitement over Christmacorn. They quickly lost interest and wandered away. Little turds! This barely counts as entertainment, I expected better from them.

sad abandoned Christmacorn

I was hoping for like half an hour of actual excitement and instead I got 5 minutes of mild intrigue. Next time I guess I’ll have to spring for the 9′ tall inflatable Clydesdale…

9 thoughts on “Foal Friday: The Christmacorn Failure

  1. You may not have gotten the reaction you wanted, but the pictures…and the captions…are priceless. I’m still laughing. I AM looking forward to the 9 foot Clydesdale though.


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