Presto in Glass

You guys know by now that I love pretty much any kind of art with my horses on it. I’ve got paintings (on canvas and on glassware), stickers, crochet, clothing… if you put a Henry or a Presto on it, I’m sold.

he’s just SO CUTE

I also really love stained glass. The whole reason I got a transom window above the front door in the tiny house was so that I could get a stained glass panel made to hang there (which I have totally failed at because of my crippling indecision about what should be on said panel). I’ve always thought stained glass was really pretty though, and even follow a couple of artists on Instagram.

About a month ago Hillary said that she got my Christmas present and was really excited about it, thinking it’s the best she’s ever done when it comes to gift-giving. Like to the point where she should just retire from buying presents for anyone at all. That’s a bold claim, so I wracked my brain about what the heck she could have possibly gotten me… I feel like I’m kind of hard to shop for really, I’m picky and I’m not a normal person and if I want something I tend to just get it (unless you want to buy me like, a couple new saddles or a truck or whatever… I have plenty of things on the “massively expensive” list). She does know me really well though, so I figured if anyone could nail it, it would be her.

She was so excited about it that she didn’t want to wait for Christmas, and when we decided to go up to Megan’s to drop off Lex/pick up Grace, she was like “OMG I have to bring it so we can get a pic of it with Presto”. At this point I was super confused about WTF it could be. A pic of it with Presto? What? Turns out, this is what:

Y’all, I died. It’s a little stained glass Presto, complete with his epic side eye and everything. I was cackling. It really does look just like him too, even the shape of his face and the emo forelock. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I’m obsessed with it and Hillary was right, she should retire from gift-giving because she’s won.

We presented it to Presto but he wasn’t as impressed with it as I was. He was like “neeeeeh, looks nothing like me”.


I had to order some hooks for it, but once they get here it’ll live on my kitchen window above my sink. It’s just the right size and gets some afternoon sunlight, so I think it’ll be really pretty, and I get to see Noodle’s goofy face all the time. I LOVE IT.

10 thoughts on “Presto in Glass

  1. Presto, it looks so much like you, I think there is a little of you in it.

    Definitely the epic gift of all gifts! Congrats all around!


  2. Love it! Hillary is definitely the best gift giver around. Be sure to post pix of it hanging in your kitchen window with the afternoon sun.


  3. How cute!!!! If Hillary would be so kind as to share the artist, I have a friend who would love something like that of her horse.


  4. I’m a hobby stained glass artist (for some reason my public high school offered it as an art class and I’ve stuck with it in the years since) and have to say, it’s pretty easy to get into if you have the space…! Materials can get pricy but if you’re not picky it’s not hard to find cheaper “scrap” glass.


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